Warning: Never Wear These 5 Things on a Safari


(Image credit: @camilacoelho)

As much as we love jet-setting to Europe or our favorite tropical getaways whenever we get the chance, it certainly doesn’t hurt to switch up our travel plans and head somewhere new. In this case, we’re talking about the grasslands of Africa. Of course, with new experiences comes a new dress code, and if you’re wondering what to wear on a safari, not to worry—we’ve got you covered.

Considering the weather and number of activities you’ll have on your itinerary when you’re there, packing for a safari may be easier said than done. However, there are a few key things you’ll want to avoid, such as bright colors and heavy materials, along with a number of necessities you should always have with you. Ahead, we break down the dos and don’ts of prepping for your upcoming trip. Whether you’re already booking your ticket or just dreaming about your next vacation, this packing list will ensure you’re prepared for all the sightseeing, wildlife, and beyond. Check it out below.

Don't: Bright Colors

Do: Neutrals

Bright and bold colors (including stark whites) will make you stand out to the wildlife. Instead, opt for neutral choices such as brown, beige, or olive.

Don't: Skirts or Dresses

Do: Sensible Bottoms

Be sure to consider what you'll be doing while you're on your safari. If you're going for a walk through the bushes, opt for a pair of pants. If it's more open, shorts will do. Just save the nicer skirts and dresses for your evening dinners.

Don't: Heavy Coats

Do: Easy Layers

While it may be hot during the day, it gets surprisingly cold. Your best bet is lightweight layers that you can pile on in the evenings.

Don't: Too Many Hair Accessories

Do: Hats

Instead of going on your adventure with your most stylish hair accessories, you'll want to sport a hat that'll protect you from the sun. We recommend something with a sleek wide brim.

Don't: Fashion Sneakers

Do: Comfortable Shoes

This might be the trip to leave your favorite designer sneakers at home. You'll be doing plenty of walking, so a pair of sturdy boots or tennis shoes will be the perfect footwear option.

Now, this will be a vacation to remember.

Dale Arden Chong