I Traveled Over 40K Miles in 3 Months—Here's My Amazon Packing List

I've logged a ton of frequent flyer miles as of late. First there was my brother’s wedding in Hawaii, then there was a friend’s wedding in Ireland, and then there were all of those personal trips sprinkled in between. In other words, I’ve spent more time packing and unpacking than I have organizing my room. I’ve always been the type of person who plans every outfit before taking off; the night before a trip, I typically stay up late planning and taking photos of each look so I know exactly what I packed and what I’m going to wear each day.

Along with this packing ritual, I always pack essentials you can score from Amazon, like this $25 steamer I discovered from our market editor, Nicole, and these $9 socks that are life changing for long flights. These are the items I always make sure I’m stocked up on before my trip because they make such a difference while I’m on the plane or settling into my hotel. The majority of my travel must-haves all ring in at under $20, so I highly recommend adding these to your next packing list.

This small, travel-friendly steam is so handy. It’s saved me many wrinkles and time spent on the phone with housekeeping. 

These are key for long flights. Slide your shoes off and slip into these; I promise you won’t regret it. 

I typically go through a can per trip, so I’m always stocking up on this travel-size dry shampoo. 

The idea of my intimates touching other items in my suitcase (like my shoes!) really freaks me out, so I always pack my bras and underwear in these breathable mesh bags. 

Keep these in your carry-on in a place you can easily grab them once you board, and wipe down the area around you. 

In order to take a little snooze on a flight, a lightweight sleeping mask is a must for me. 

I love how light this face wash is from Fresh and keeps my complexion clean and blemish-free while traveling. 

I always throw a couple extra nipple covers in my toiletry bag; it never hurts to have some to spare.  

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