I Hate Blue Jeans—Don't Come for Me, Enjoy My Chic Alternatives Instead

It’s probably been 12 years since a pair of blue jeans entered my wardrobe. If memory serves me right, it was a pair of skinny-straight Topshop blues that last circled through my rotation during college. I’ve since ditched them for good. But before you come for me, just know that I don’t have major beef with blue jeans. In fact, I’m very much a champion of them for others—just not for me. Why? Well, the blues just sort of filtered out of my closet as I started creating my signature uniform of all-black staples back in my early 20s.

So what are the alternatives, you may ask? While I’ve already covered my adoration for black skinny jeans, there are a few other alts I wear on the regular as well that are cool and casual (like blues), but are more aligned with my signature silhouette. To show you what I mean, I’m showcasing an edit of my casual pants wardrobe below, as showcased on myself and some of the coolest fashion girls out there that I also draw inspiration from. Whether you love or loathe blue jeans, keep scrolling to shop for something new to build out the pants section of your wardrobe this season.


Black Skinnies
(Image credit: @basicstouch)

As I told you a few months ago, black skinnies are the true heroes in my closet. I wear my go-to pairs (usually from Paige, 7 for All Mankind, or Madewell) more than anything else. To me, black skinny jeans just always feel chic and sleek compared to other blue-jean alternatives. My go-to look is usually a pair of black skinny jeans, a coordinating pullover, basic ankle boots, and a black leather jacket.


Elevated Sweats and Joggers
(Image credit: @bobbyschuessler)

Here I am. As an alternative to denim of any kind, I’ve been leaning into fancy sweat and jogger-like trousers these days. This pair from Club Monaco are in my weekly rotation because they’re just as easy and comfortable (if not more so) as jeans but bring that low-key yet elevated twist to any outfit.


Cropped Black Trousers
(Image credit: @modedamour)

Yes, a pair of trousers is seemingly on the other end of the spectrum as jeans because they’re more formal, but I tend to opt for comfortable (somewhat stretchy styles) in a cropped silhouette like this pair here for my more polished casual looks. Sure, regular blue jeans would work in an outfit like this, but black trousers are just as strong.


Leather Pants
(Image credit: @louloudesaison)

I have one pair of leather pants in my arsenal that I break out from time to time when I want to complete my forward casual ’fits. Given their on-trend nature, I actually want to bust them out even more because they’re a cool substitute to denim.

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Bobby Schuessler
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