8 Things You Have to Own If You Live in Black Skinny Jeans

I recently went over my favorite outfits featuring black skinny jeans. Why? Well, because I live in them. If you too favor this denim look over others, welcome to the club. On that note, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for fresh pieces to wear with your favorite black skinnies to keep them feeling unique and forward.

Sure, that go-to T-shirt and pair of sneakers will always work, but there’s actually a few other items fashion girls are wearing with black skinny jeans right now that are taking the always-cool staple to the next level. Keep scrolling to uncover eight things worth owning if you always wear black skinnies, and shop all of the items as well to upgrade your closet.

1. Black Ankle Boots

It may seem like a no-brainer, but black ankle boots will always give black skinny jeans a cool feel.

2. Modern Blazer

Toss on an oversize blazer for a modern look with your skinnies.

3. Moto Jacket

When in doubt, layer on a leather jacket to bring a chill, "downtown" feel to your jeans.

4. Chunky Sneakers

While any sneaker silhouette will work with black skinny jeans, it's all about clunky kicks right now.

5. Statement Top

An eye-catching top in an animal print will pop flawlessly against black skinny jeans. 

6. Knee-High Boots

Skinnies are ideal to wear with knee-high boots because they can stuff perfectly inside. 

7. Statement Jacket

If you're not going for a moto jacket, test out a patterned topper to elevate and bring a high-fashion twist to your black skinny jeans.

8. Black Turtleneck

Last but not least, don't forget about a slim black turtleneck as an A+ base layer with your jeans.

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