I'm Turning 25 and Decided It's Time to Officially Retire These 7 Things

Fall, to me, has always felt like a new year: The carefree summer feeling ends while the world gears up to embrace a completely new season. So I guess it's quite fitting that I have two pretty big life events happening in the next month. For one, I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve lived in since I graduated from college and to a completely different part of the city (bye-bye, Santa Monica). But most importantly, I’m turning 25.

I won’t get into a long emotional rant of all the things I’m feeling as I approach a quarter-of-a-century years old because I know you’re just here to shop. I’ll get straight to the point: It's time to get rid of some things. As I prepare for my move, I keep coming across items I’m somewhat ashamed to still own as an almost 25-year-old, so I've created a big give-away box full of everything I'm ready to retire. But don't get it twisted: As these items go out, new ones are for sure coming in. (I have a shopping problem, okay? I don't need to hear it.) Curious to see the things that are getting the boot, plus the chic pieces I'm replacing them with? Keep scrolling to come along on my clean-out journey.

Retire: College sweatshirts
Replace With: Elevated loungewear



I’m notorious for turning to one of the dozen oversize sweatshirts I accumulated during my LMU days when I want to get comfy, but I’m putting an end to it now. (Why did I buy something at every event my sorority put on?) I want to look put-together while I'm spending all this extra time around the house.

Retire: Scuffed shoes
Replace With: Polished leather



This one actually pains me heavily since it means I have to part with a pair of booties that I bought from a little shop in Italy and lasted me all study abroad and beyond. But, alas, they look like they've been through the wringer, and it’s just not worth keeping them (or the other shoes that bring back memories—I’m looking at you, tired old Converse).

I've wanted something from Brother Vielles for a while now, so these might just be worth the splurge.

These just look like something a real adult would wear.

Retire: Worn-looking handbags
Replace With: Long-lasting classics



I’ve probably spent as much money on cheap handbags that have only lasted me half a year as I could have on one good designer handbag that would last a lifetime. I told myself I’d wait until I was 25 to finally splurge on something like this, so here I am. And though I will fall asleep dreaming about a Chanel double flap lambskin bag until the day I die, I’m still not loaded with cash, so I’ve got to keep it semi-reasonable.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good croc.

I've been buying a new work bag every six months since I started interning during my sophomore year of college. Now, I can finally stop wasting my money.

This just makes me feel like I have my life together.

Retire: Dresses That Don't Fit
Replace With: Refined Going-Out Dresses

I have a stash of all my old college-formal bandaid dresses, Vegas-club crop top and skirt sets, and more that I know will never (and should never) see the light of day again. But hey, I’m not saying I’m never going to wear another party dress again—I’m just going to keep it a little more elegant. Now that holiday soirée season is right around the corner, it's the perfect timing to start browsing.

The color. The puff sleeves. The neckline. I'm obsessed.

I could see this dressed up with heels or dressed down with a jacket and sneakers.

My friend texted this to me, and I've been in love ever since.

Retire: Discolored Jewelry
Replace With: Trendy Gold Pieces



Again, I've kept a lot of things "for the memories," but the necklaces that now look two-toned due to thinning gold plating and rings that turn my finger green are just not making it to the next round. Instead, I'm opting for things like chunky gold chains and cute statement earrings.

Not only are these extremely chic (and vintage!), but 10% of proceeds from the sale will be donated to Foster Nation, an organization that provides much-needed meals to youth foster students who are at risk of going hungry.

Retire: Worn-once fads
Replace With: Polished staples



I had a moment in time when I was still figuring out my style, which led me to some, well, questionable purchases. I'm replacing all those random items that made their way into my closet for ones I know I'll want to wear for a long time.

My mom always taught me to keep a blazer in my closet. (And she approves of this one.)

High-rise straight-leg jeans will go with everything.

Neutrals are always a good way to make your outfit look expensive.

Sometimes you just have to switch up your jeans rotation.

Cami dresses are a must for every season.

Retire: Cheap bras and undies
Replace With: Chic lingerie

My underwear drawer has quite a few pairs in there that just need to go. You know the ones with silly designs or sayings that seemed so cute at the time, but now you look at them and just think why? Yeah, those are going in the garbage (along with those bras that should have been retired ages ago). This is something, now that I’m 25, I should be spending a bit more money on.

I won't want to wear anything over this—it's too pretty!

I have the older version of this, so I can't wait to finally replace it.