The Best Trends to Wear in January, According to Celebrities

If you're in the camp that considers January the worst month of the year to get dressed for, we're here to soften the blow. Instead of letting the cold, gray days of winter get them down, many stylish celebrities embrace the opportunity to bundle up in their chicest coats, boots, and cold-weather accessories. 

While you could hide beneath a boring black peacoat until April, we recommend following the lead of these 10 stylish celebs and having a little fun with your cold-weather wardrobe. And we couldn't help but notice there are certain stylish pieces that stand the test of time and have celebrities coming back to them every January. As you'll see by how cool and functional they are, if they're not already in your closet, we recommend adding them to your shopping list posthaste. Because when you're wearing a cute outfit, the cold magically becomes much more tolerable.

Keep scrolling to see the 10 items that celebs wear in January and shop our pick for each!