What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise

As we near mid-December and the temperatures reach an all-time low, there's no better time than now to escape and set sail on a Caribbean cruise. Just imagine lying next to the pool, sipping on piña coladas, and soaking up the sun—sounds pretty amazing, no? We don't blame you if you are, right this very minute, booking your cruise ticket. Now, while the end destination is usually, in a word, blissful, getting there is anything but. It's important you're adequately prepared before setting foot on the ship, and that's why today, we've curated a list of exactly what to pack for a Caribbean cruise. Ahead, see everything to pack into your carry-on, from the perfect pants to the best shoes.


While it's likely you'll be spending your days sitting poolside, bringing a couple of good, lightweight pants along is super important for those days you'll be doing some active exploration. Lightweight linen pants are a must-have, as are your go-to jeans. 


One packing hack that'll save you a lot of stress? Bring along fewer pants and more shirts—pants can be reworn and styled in so many different ways, especially when paired with a new top. As for what style of shirts to bring with you? A loose-fitting tunic, one fitted versatile tee, and a flowy tank top are great picks every time.


Whether you're at the beach or attending a fancier dinner, a dress is the perfect one-and-done cruise outfit. Bring along an elegant LBD for a special evening and an easy, breezy sundress for everyday wear.


This one's a no-brainer. Never leave your house for a Carribean cruise without at least two swimsuits in your carry-on. Save room and pack a one-piece that can also be worn as a shirt.


Shoes get bulky—and fast. So it's important to only pack the essentials. When deciding what footwear to pack for a Caribbean cruise, three options will always be a safe bet: sneakers, sandals, and low-heel pumps.


You can have fun with this category since most accessories don't take up much room in a carry-on. Bring some statement earrings, simple necklaces, and a pair of sunglasses to protect against UV rays.