7 Things You Should Do (and Buy) Every January for a Better Wardrobe

You're probably already sick of hearing what to do and not do in January (sorry!), but here we go. We promise it will be worth your time. Now that the chaos of the holiday season is behind us, it's time to look forward. One of the things that are going to make your life easier this year is a well-rounded wardrobe that only consists of items you're actually going to wear.

So where to begin? It can seem like an overwhelming task when you don't even know where to start, but the things we've outlined below are surprisingly simple and doable and certainly don't have to be done all at once. Scroll on to see what we recommend doing and buying not just this January but every January, and shop our useful recommendations.

To-do #1: Make a shopping list of what you're lacking.

If you're like us, you've spent the past couple of months shopping for others. Now it's time to give your own wardrobe some attention. Make a shopping list of everything you need and gradually be on the lookout for pieces to fill those holes.

A slip skirt is one of those items that can be worn in a number of ways. You'll reach for it time and again.

Additional sizes available here.

Cute flats can be hard to find, but they're a great addition to almost every wardrobe.

In case it's time to upgrade your white-blouse collection.

To-do #2: Take inventory of your basics, lingerie, and workout gear.

These are some of the most-worn items, but it's easy to forget to buy them until they're on their last leg. Throw out and replace the pieces that are showing wear, as it's a good sign those are the ones you reach for the most.

Shop basics, lingerie, and leggings:
Agolde Linda Boxy Tee

This might be our new favorite white T-shirt.

The very best leggings (like these) are both functional and comfortable enough to lounge in.

It can be tempting to stock your lingerie drawer with pretty lace bras, but T-shirt bras are probably the ones you wear the most.

Anine Bing continues to make some of the best blazers out there.

To-do #3: Research the spring trends.

By January, there's a clear idea of what the spring trends will be, and they'll have even already started hitting the stores. Take stock of the ones you do and don't plan on trying so that you're prepared before the weather warms up. (If you need some help, we'll be covering all of them on Who What Wear!)

Check out some of the S/S 20 runways:
JW Anderson S/S 20 runway


Courtesy of JW Anderson

JW Anderson

Celine S/S 2020 runway


Courtesy of Celine


Louis Vuitton S/S 2020 runway


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

To-do #4: Shop the sales.

The discounts in January are deep, so even though you might just want to look ahead to spring, it's always a good idea to purchase timeless items for cheap that you know you'll still want to wear next winter.

We find Nanushka vegan leather difficult to resist even at full price.

This definitely doesn't look like you paid $35 for it.

The words "too many striped tees" don't exist in our vocabulary.

Hate to break it to you, but winter isn't going away any time soon.

To-do #5: Return, donate, or sell unworn items (and buy things you love instead).

Since most of us don't exactly have spare closet space for things that still have the tags attached, it's time to let them go. Fill your newly freed-up closet space with things you love and will wear.

We have no words for how beautiful this skirt is.

This will be the year of the leather blazer.

To-do #6: Try a new outfit trend.

The beauty of trying a new outfit trend is that you often don't even have to buy anything to do so and can just work with what you've got.

Some of our current favorite outfit trends:
How to wear long shorts


The Style Stalker

Oversize blazer + long shorts + heels

Suit + layered turtleneck + statement shoes

Leather coat + jeans + ankle boots

To-do #7: Decide what investment pieces to save up for.

Cheap thrills might be instantly gratifying, but a beautiful investment piece that you'll keep for years (e.g., a watch or designer bag) is truly worth the money. January is the best time to start saving up.

Shop investment pieces we recommend:
The Row Nu Twin Bag
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