I Live in L.A. and Write About Fashion—Here's What Everyone Will Wear in 2020

Los Angeles fashion trends 2020



Here on the West Coast, we're blessed with a lot of things (health cafés on every corner, proximity to the beach, an overall leisurely approach to work and life). But one thing we can't lay claim to? Real winter weather. The fact that 70-degree days are a reality in December is both a blessing and a curse—on the one hand, the weather is hardly a cause for complaint, but on the other, there are certain trends we just don't get to participate in.

But while thick knits and heavy jackets might be out of the question for us L.A. folks, don't go thinking we aren't putting our own spin on fall/winter style. As a fashion editor, I'm bearing witness to some truly amazing fashion trends that will take over Los Angeles in 2020. From the jean style I've been spotting on all my friends to the It print that's flooding every corner from Melrose Place to Abbot Kinney, I'm sharing seven big trends that will define the city's style in the coming year.

To see each of them in action, keep scrolling; then shop ways to get the look for yourself (proximity to Griffith Park not necessary).

Wide-Leg Jeans

Los Angeles jean trends



High-rise wide-leg jeans are poised to be the biggest jean trend of the year, not just on the West Coast, but across the country, too. L.A. girls have been early adopters of the loose-yet-tailored fit, styling their favorite pairs with fitted tops and sleek shoes.

Fashion Trousers

Los Angeles style



And when they're not wearing jeans, L.A. girls will turn to fashion trousers, especially high-waisted and menswear-inspired styles.

Chunky Soles

While these chunky-soled stompers aren't as necessary weather-wise as other walking cities, Angelenos are wearing them to give all their outfits a cool edge.


Los Angeles fashion trends



You know we love a cozy coffee run here in Los Angeles, and we predict that the outfit of choice when going for our caffeine fix or heading to the farmer's market will be a basic-but-brilliant matching sweatsuit.

Chain Necklaces

Los Angeles jewelry trends



L.A. girls have a huge thing for gold jewelry, and this year they're doubling down on their jewelry game by wearing chain necklaces one (or two) at a time.


loafer trend



Forget sneakers—loafers are about to be the flat shoes that L.A. girls reach for when they need something easy and comfortable.

Leather Blazers

L.A. weather rarely requires anything heavier than a light layer, which makes something like a leather blazer or leather trench coat the ideal topper.

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