The 6 Denim Styles I'm Wearing in 2020 (and the Ones I Got Rid Of)

I pretty much live in jeans year-round, so it's safe to say that denim trends are quite important to me. I typically stick to classic styles, but I'm certainly open to new trends and variations on the classics. And now that 2020 is in full swing, I've been attuned to both the upcoming trends and the trends that are sticking around for the remainder of this year (because I'm not exactly going to get rid of all of my existing jeans).

I recently moved and took inventory of my wardrobe, denim collection included, and got rid of quite a few outdated pairs in order to make room for new styles. Keep scrolling to see (and shop, of course) what my 2020 denim wardrobe contains (based on the latest and enduring trends), as well as which styles I put in the donation pile.

Wearing: Off-White
Ditching: Bright Colors

The colorful-denim trend certainly bubbles up now and then, but I've yet to be able to make it work in my wardrobe. Off-white jeans, on the other hand, are having a big moment, and I think they're wearable enough to stick around.

Off-white denim trend



Wearing: Straight-Leg Rigid
Ditching: Frayed Hems

This is a style that I believe transcends trends, and therefore, it's one I'll wear forever. And while I'm not done with frayed hems completely, I've been gravitating toward a finished hem, which is often featured on straight-leg styles. 

Best straight-leg jeans



Wearing: High-Rise Dark-Wash Skinny
Ditching: Light-Wash Skinny

Stretchy, light-wash jeans had their time, but I'm giving them the boot. Darker washes are significantly more versatile and leg-elongating.

Wearing: Full-Length
Ditching: Ultra-Cropped

I never really thought cropped jeans would fall from the top-trend spot, but I guess you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to trends. Runway trends have gravitated toward longer styles recently, and the fashion crowd has followed suit.

Wearing: Subtle Bootcut/Flare
Ditching: Distressed

This style was practically extinct a few years ago, but everything comes back around, and now is the time to invest in some new bootcut jeans. I prefer styles with a high waist and a subtle flare. I'm also donating distressed jeans in favor of more polished styles.

Wearing: Pleated
Ditching: Printed

Both pleated and printed jeans are somewhat controversial, and while I find the latter to be tricky to pull off, the new age of pleated jeans is much more wearable than you'd expect. (I know—I was surprised too.)

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