Work in an Office? Leave These 10 Wardrobe Items at Home

If you're a regular Who What Wear reader, we hope you know we celebrate sartorial experimentation and embracing the journey that comes with discovering and honing your own personal style. As such, we don't love making "rules"—we view our service more as guidelines and thought starters—but if there is one area that we tend to see as a little more black and white, it's dressing for a corporate office.

Unfortunately, that is one time and place that's not generally conducive to taking huge fashion risks—anything that might compromise your professional standing is better suited for myriad other occasions (like brunch, a night out, a casual park day… the list is really endless).

Here we're zeroing in on the 10 wardrobe items that tend to skew a little iffy if not in a creative or otherwise laid-back environment and the swaps that are more generally office-friendly.

Opening Image: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images