The 7 Worst Things to Wear on Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Hopefully you've already planned your menu, and now it's time to plan your look for the cozy holiday. We provided plenty of outfit inspiration here, here, and here, but what about the pieces you shouldn't be wearing on Thursday? Sadly, there are plenty.

When you're eating, drinking, and socializing with family and friends all day, you undoubtedly want to look stylish, but comfort is key on Thanksgiving (duh). Similar to travel outfits, we've all made our fair share of Thanksgiving outfit mistakes. It happens, but hopefully you've learned from them.

In case you're in need of a little refresher, we're here for you. Keep scrolling to find out what to wear on Thanksgiving and, well, the seven worst things to try and avoid. Then, shop the stylish, comfortable pieces we recommend instead.

AVOID: Rigid Jeans

WEAR: Comfort Stretch Jeans

High-waisted 100% cotton jeans may look cool, but they're your enemy on Thanksgiving. Instead opt, for stretch jeans that aren't skintight.

Shop Comfortable Jeans:

AVOID: Leather Clothing

WEAR: Knits

Since leather has very little give and isn't exactly breathable, you should skip it on Thanksgiving. On the flip side, cozy knits sort of feel like pajamas, which is a major win.

Shop Knitwear:

AVOID: Silk and Satin

WEAR: Washable Fabrics

Silk and satin are delicate, so removing stains from them can be a beast. Instead, wear pieces that can be thrown in the washing machine post-feast.

Shop a Washable Piece:

AVOID: Tight, Uncomfortable Shoes

WEAR: Walkable Shoes That Fit

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we're all guilty of wearing shoes that look great but pinch our feet when they inevitably swell. Do yourself a favor and save those shoes for another day.

Shop Comfortable Shoes:

AVOID: Bell Sleeves

WEAR: Sleeves You Can Roll Up

When you're busy cooking (and eating), the last thing you want is sleeves dragging in the food. Trust us.

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AVOID: Heavy Sweaters (With Nothing Underneath)

WEAR: Layers

When the oven and stove are going, any house is bound to get warm, even if it's frigid outside. Do yourself a favor and wear something under that cute sweater of yours so you can take off layers as temperatures rise.

Shop a Layering Piece:

AVOID: Light Colors

WEAR: Forgiving Colors

Red-wine stains aren't a great look, and even if you're careful, there's no guarantee everyone else at the gathering will be, so save the pale pink for another day.

Shop a Forgiving Color:

Next up, the most stylish shopping ideas for your Thanksgiving weekend plans.

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