15 Casual Thanksgiving Outfits to Wear This Year

Let the countdown begin for a day filled with all your favorite people and all your favorite foods in one place. Yes, we're talking about Thanksgiving. We know the sides and desserts may occupy most of your thoughts right now, but you can't forget about what you're going to wear—or at least we can't.

Let's recap: It needs to be casual but not too casual, comfortable but (probably) not sweats, and overall, like everything else you wear, cool, effortless, and you. Luckily, the best part of this holiday is that you spend it with your loved ones and close friends, so you don't need to worry too much about making a statement. Still, coming up with such a perfectly balanced outfit sounds easier said than done though, right?

Fret not. The casual Thanksgiving outfits we've rounded up just for you will give you all the inspiration you need to come up with the look. Then you can cross that off your list and just enjoy.


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A colored cropped jacket is a great option to pair with your favorite jeans.


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Try cow-print pieces to shock your relatives.


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A gold top is sure to make a splash at dinner.


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Cool cargo pants are a fall (and Thanksgiving) must-have.


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This is one combo that's easy to dress down. Just swap the heels for sneakers.


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When in doubt, go with a pair of jeans and a cool blazer.

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Yes, you need a buttery leather jacket.

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If it's warm enough, try a short suit set.

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We love a good maxi dress and sneaker moment.


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Oversize plaid trousers are just the coolest. Dress them down with a plain white tee.

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A cute cardigan is a key piece for Thanksgiving dinners.


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Show your fierce side by slipping into an animal-print midi dress.


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Dress down a classic midi skirt with a comfy yet still chic sweatshirt.

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Try a cool, cozy sweater on for size.

Next up, more Thanksgiving outfit ideas from our editors.

This post was originally published and updated at a later date by Eva Thomas.