Never Mind Skinny Jeans—French Girls Will Be Wearing These Instead

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Skinny jeans have become a staple wardrobe item for many, especially here in America. As the style continues to circulate throughout the fashion community as an effortless go-to item, it made me wonder if women in other parts of the world thought as highly of skinny jeans as we do in our own niche U.S. communities. Since French women in particular are internationally known for their impeccable and timeless style, I couldn't help but be curious as to what they really think about the whole skinny-jean phenomenon.

So I reached out to some of the most fashionable and kind Parisian women in the industry to find out whether or not they are as obsessed with the denim style as we are. Surprisingly, they were not on board. In fact, a majority of these French women are not wearing skinny jeans anymore, because they feel like they're not as flattering as other pant styles. Here, find out what French women are wearing instead of their skinny jeans and why. Don't worry, though—we shopped out a version of each of their preferences so you can get that je ne sais quoi immediately. (And of course, if you're totally into skinnies, continue to wear them!)

Go on to find out what French women are wearing instead of skinny jeans and why.


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"I'm going for a more relaxed blue-jean fit and something that is semi high in the waist—think high waters! They allow me to show off curves in relaxed and effortlessly chic way."

Adeline Rapon 



"I guess I'm simply tired of skinny jeans and their overly 2007-inspired silhouette. I see them everywhere and don't find them flattering anymore. This is also because I currently love the '70s look, with very long, flared pants; A-line miniskirts; and huge platform shoes. They make me look very tall and funky as hell!"




"I really love my high-waisted pants from Nathalie Dumeix. They have a retro style, but I feel really feminine in them, not to mention my boyfriend loves them!"

Kenza Sadoun - el Glaoui



"Right now, I'm really into high-waisted jeans, vintage ones that you can find in secondhand clothes stores."

Typhaine Augusto

"When I don't wear my skinny jeans, I love to wear gray 'work pants' (as I like to call them) and mix them with more urban pieces."


"What I adore and have always preferred rather than skinny jeans are high-waisted flares! They are for me the most stylish and flattering choice, and they go great with pretty much everything from simple T-shirts to party favorites. Plus, it is so Jane Birkin, and thus I love it!"




"I prefer the cropped flare jeans at the moment because they are more flattering, and it's possible to show a bit more of the shoes I am wearing!" 

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