The Only Dress-and-Lipstick Combos You Need This Fall

Dating is hard; deciding what the heck to wear shouldn't have to be. Picking out a dress, let alone what lipstick to pair with it, can feel more stressful than getting drinks with a stranger—I know from personal experience. Yes, styling outfits may be part of my day job, but I feel the same dread figuring out how to wear something that's date-y but not too over the top when I'm off the clock.

To solve my own problem (and yours too, of course), I decided to team up with one of Byrdie's beauty editors, fellow single lady Hallie Gould. Where I know a thing or two about dresses, Hallie's an expert in all things makeup. Together, we rounded up the dress-and-lipstick combos we find worthy of a first date, combos we're planning to test out ourselves the next time we have the occasion. If you're right there with us, read on—we've got you covered no matter where you're headed and, of course, whomever with.

Check out our ideal first-date dress-and-lipstick combos below!


Think drinks somewhere where the cosmos are surely overpriced.

The perfect balance of sweet and spicy. 

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Aemilia Madden