How to Dress Like the Girl Everybody Wants to Date

When it comes to dating, some girls just have that je ne sais quoi—or is it the strategic use of the color blue in their wardrobe? (It’s probably a little of both.) Fortunately, you have more control than you think over how others perceive you, thanks to freedom of expression via your personal style. Never is this more apparent than when you’re hoping to snag a date for next weekend. As you probably already know, the key is to leave a little (or even a lot) to the imagination, so keeping it classy is essential. And don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. You never know a person’s taste for flair in the fashion realm, and nothing beats pared-down chic.

That said, while it’s great to impress others with your look, always keep in mind it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. After all, you are the only person you need to impress every day.

Scroll down for our roundup of surefire items to catch that certain someone’s attention, in the best way possible!