I'm a Newlywed, and This Is What You Should Ask for on Your Registry

There’s nothing better than starting a new year, especially if you’re a bride-to-be. And if you’re anything like me when I was engaged, then I bet your mind is consumed with all things wedding-related, from finalizing the guest list and figuring out the menu to the flowers and overall color scheme. (It’s legit a full-time job in itself.)

But if there’s one thing you shouldn’t worry about, it’s the gifts you’ll receive, at least when you’ve got Macy’s on your side. I’m telling you, the mega-retailer has everything you could possibly need or want all in one place, so it’s one less thing for you to stress about. Whether you're newly engaged or attending a wedding, here are four things I know people love gifting with and why they make the perfect registry items. 

I used to think that I didn't need a toaster (you can just use an oven, right?), but boy was I wrong. Toasters are game changers, especially when you can fit four pieces of toast in at once (for you and your S.O., of course!). This one is easy to use, has four different settings (bake, broil, toast, and keep warm), and is super sleek-looking so you won't mind having it out on your counter. 

For some reason, people love gifting dinnerware. I guess it makes sense, though. You use your dishes arguably more than anything else. I love this timeless porcelain set (especially because it's dishwasher and microwave safe). It's classic but also embossed with a twisting-rope design, which makes it feel unique. 

You might not think food containers are a big deal, but they totally are. Maybe it's just me, but little makes me happier than having a complete set to store leftovers in. (I'm a sucker for matching.) Not only are these leakproof, but each base fits neatly inside of another for easy storing. Who wouldn't want to gift someone with something that helps them get organized? 

People want to get you something that they know you'll use regularly, and honestly, one of the best gifts we received was our cookware set. (We use it almost every day.) Your kitchen really isn’t complete until you have all the essential non-stick pots and pans from All-Clad. The 10-piece set is easy to store (everything is stackable) and comes with fry pans, saucepans, sauté pans, and stockpots, and they are all incredibly easy to clean (aka they're dishwasher safe). 

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