What Australian Girls Wear When the Wedding Invite Says "Cocktail"

Wedding dress codes can be confusing. And finding an appropriate outfit can be a tough one to nail, even for girls who seem to always get it right. If you've received an invitation that requests cocktail attire, it's important to be mindful of the wedding component of the event, and try not to get carried away with the notion of "party time". A safe bet? Stick to midi dresses, or a shorter style dress with volume. For shoes, opt for comfortable mid-heel styles (like the kitten heel), heeled mules, or short block heels for a guaranteed pain-free day and night of dancing. In terms of accessories, play around with one or two new season trends. Especially if you're recycling the same black slip dress for all of wedding season (aren't we all?).

For extra inspiration, we asked Jaime Ridge, Kelly Müller, and Ally May Hayward of our INF / Network to share what they each think their perfect cocktail outfit would be. 

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Jaime Ridge 

"Personally, I like to push the boundaries when I dress for an occasion such as a wedding—and to be fair, my friends and family also now expect me to! So, I would suit it! There is nothing more elegant than a beautifully tailored suit, a crisp shirt or silk cami paired with a pair of killer heels. LOVE!"—Jaime Ridge

Kelly Müller

"Nothing says cocktail to me like a silk slip dress. Silk Laundry has an amazing selection of colours, but I can't go past simple black. I know it's not 'traditional' to wear black to a wedding but it's so effortless, eternally chic, and just the right amount of sexy. I would dress mine up with a killer pair of sunnies (a must for afternoon weddings) and a pair of statement earrings."—Kelly Müller

Ally May Hayward

"When an wedding invite specifies cocktail I like to wear something knee-length, and I always choose something that easily takes you from day to night. A little satin or silk number, with an asymmetrical hemline and a ruffle goes a long way, and is always a polished look. I also try and buy something that I can re-wear come holiday and Christmas party season!"—Ally May Hayward

Opening images: Collage Vintage 

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