I Just Got Rid of These 6 Summer Dresses for a Much Chicer Replacement

We've reached the very happy point in the year where I'm slowly bringing out my summer dresses. This usually happens one by one and then all at once, and I love to watch the process of my closest transitioning over. I must admit something, though—not every item I bring out of storage ends up being a winner.

I have a hard time letting go of things, especially when I have memories attached to them, so you might find some outdated dresses in the collection. I've rounded up the things that I am currently adding to the donation pile. On the other hand, there's one dress trend that I feel is seriously worth investing in right now, and that's the cotton poplin dress. It's lightweight and elegant and comes in so many iterations that you'll never grow tired of it. Also, the best part is it will never end up in a donation bin. Scroll down to find your summer uniform.

Donating: Cowl-Neck Slip Dresses
Buying: Classic White Cotton Poplin Dresses

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I guarantee that a white cotton poplin dress is in every fashion person's closet. It's a piece that manages to be timeless while also being very right now. You'll feel just as elegant and poised as they do when you wear yours.

You'd be shocked by how comfortable something that looks as elegant as this can be.

Currently in disbelief over the fact that this dress is on sale.

The bustier aspect is so flattering.

Donating: Embroidered Dresses
Buying: Cutout Cotton Poplin Dresses

Best summer dresses



Cutouts are going to be everything this summer. The trend has really reached its peak. You're in good hands with cotton poplin. It is demure and sophisticated, making for an interesting contrast from the sharp cutouts. 


I can't stop thinking about this one.

That string adds a little something extra to the typical side cutout.

Donating: Knee-Length Dresses
Buying: Punchy-Pink Cotton Poplin Dresses

Cotton poplin dress



If I could pick only one color to wear this summer, it would be pink. All of my Y2K dreams come true whenever I wear it. 

I know it's not pink, but it's too good not to include.

A sneak peek at the next trend we'll be discussing.

Donating: Bandana-Print Dresses
Buying: Puff-Sleeve Cotton Poplin Dresses

This year's summer dress trends



The puff sleeve isn't going anywhere anytime soon. While certain prints are starting to feel outdated, puff-sleeve dresses that I bought years ago still look just as good. You can invest without fear in this trend.

Donating: Polka-Dot Dresses
Buying: Floral-Print Cotton Poplin Dresses

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This is the most Bridgerton-esque and cottagecore-centric section of this story, so you might want to scroll slowly so you don't miss something good. These dresses will have you glowing.


Cozy up in this dress that doubles as pajamas.



Last but not least, the most effortless staple of all happens to be the shirtdress. With it being such an easy way to get dressed, you can count on it to make your summer style easy.


The tie-waist detail is so good.