11 Wedding Outfits That Cost Less Than $100

If wedding season has got you spending your life’s savings on travel, gifts, and outfits, I can totally relate. In fact, I think I’m going to 10 just this spring alone! And while I can’t stop your bestie from choosing a destination wedding or get you out of having to buy a gift, I can soften the blow of your spending on dresses and shoes thanks to our very own Who What Wear collection at Target. From the above printed frock that’s ideal for beachside nuptials to little black dresses for those slightly more formal events, I’ve got a wedding outfit formula for anything. Simply continue on for a whopping 11 dress-and-shoe pairings (plus a couple matching sets), all of which can be yours for under $100, and read my style tips along the way.

Outfit 1

Style Tip: For a beach wedding, opt for a flowy, tropical dress paired with comfortable block heels.

Outfit 2

Style Tip: Make a minidress feel more formal with sleek pumps.

Outfit 3

Style Tip: You can never go wrong with a black dress and neutral shoes.

Outfit 4

Style Tip: If you’re sick of dresses, opt for a matching set that, when worn together, looks like one!

Outfit 5

Style Tip: When trying to decide what shoes to wear with a printed dress, simply choose a color that’s prevalent in the pattern.

Outfit 6

Style Tip: Make an LBD feel more exciting by adding statement shoes.

Outfit 7

Style Tip: Metallic accessories are perfect for easily matching with almost any dress or outfit.

Outfit 8

Style Tip: Take a boho dress into polished territory by opting for dressy shoes.

Outfit 9

Style Tip: A built-in belt is perfect for getting the most flattering fit at your waist.

Outfit 10

Style Tip: Royal blue can sometimes feel even dressier than black. 

Outfit 11

Style Tip: Always keep a wrap dress on hand for parties.