7 Shopping Habits That Are Wasting Your Money


Yes, I'm a shopping fiend (just see my weekly picks for starters), but there's nothing I get more annoyed with myself about than wasting money on bad purchases. I want my hard-earned cash to be spent on decent fashion investments—things that lift my spirits and continue to do so for some time. There have been occasions where I've wasted money in the past, but I always endeavour to learn from them.

So in the spirit of our team's aims and ambitions for January—shop smarter, look better, feel our best—we're uncovering the common easy-to-slip-into habits that don't serve your bank account or your wardrobe. This is all good prep for an exciting season ahead—spring/summer 2018 is chock-full of tempting options, so it's good to double down and stay focused. Keep reading to see the seven shopping habits that are wasting your cashola, and how to remedy them.


When it comes to designer goods, it can pay to shop around. You may find that international retailers have pieces marked at different price points, and when you're spending the big bucks, this can make all the difference. A cursory search on Farfetch.com will reveal that the same Prada slingbacks come up as both £784 at one retailer and £740 at another. They're also £740 on Net-a-Porter and MyTheresa.com, giving you some clarity to choose the right price and your favoured store.


Unless you're buying something for a specific occasion and you're dead set on wearing your purchase then, I'm of the school of thought that you need to get some instant satisfaction out of your investments. If you don't feel like wearing them now (or forget about them and find them two years later with a tag on), you made the wrong choice, pal.

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Ever take a piece home and rip out the labels only to discover they were never really going to work with the rest of your closet? Best to try on at least three different combinations to be 100% sure.


There's often new life to be found in old clothes—whether that's a case of getting something properly dry-cleaned, fixed up or transforming it into something else with a little DIY knowhow, don't be so quick to just chuck pieces away. A decent cobbler can give you advice on whether your shoes are past their sell-by date, and I'd recommend looking for crafty inspo over on the blog A Pair and a Spare.

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We're all big fans of charting and experimenting with new trends here at Who What Wear UK, but we all have our limits. For example, I've never been into sportswear, so no matter how much of a sweeping influence athleisure has had on the fashion world, I've held steadfast in my refusal to adopt it into my own wardrobe. Therefore I've not wasted money on pieces I'd probably never feel comfortable in. Try to locate your own "classics" to cement your personal style and promote clarity when it comes to shopping.


Okay, so here's a bit of a wild card that some of you may not relate to. If you're feeling the PMS creeping in, DO NOT GO SHOPPING. It will end in tears. It will probably end in some really poor decision-making. Which in turn could lead to a major dent in your wallet over a piece you don't even feel excited about. Instead, I'd use that time of the month to give into nesting—a new lamp never made anyone feel bad about themselves.

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We're all guilty of this one, especially at this time of year when Christmas indulges have taken their toll. There may be a contingent that feels it's motivational to buy smaller sizes, but I'd generally advise that you just pick something that fits and flatters you already. More instant gratification. The same goes for shoes that pinch, for example—they may never wear in to the point that they're super-comfy, so just opt for a pair that feel glorious to begin with.

Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

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