The 7 Coolest* Ways to Wear a Headscarf (*Instructions Included)

There’s no one way to wear a headscarf: In fact, we’ve counted at least seven stylish knotting, tying and looping techniques that you may want to explore, should this be your next styling mountain to climb. And there are plenty of reasons as to why you may suddenly be feeling some foulard-related urges: Balenciaga put neat little matchy-matchy headscarves on the runway for autumn/winter. MSGM adopted the accessory, too—only you won’t expect the way either brand decided to style them.

Street stylers have also been experimenting, crafting elaborate turbans for nights out, and perfecting their Gucci-style eclectism by topping every look with a neat scarf headband (along with earrings, giant sunnies and a neckerchief, of course). While many are heading into the baker-boy hat trend or staying faithful to their berets, it’s the headscarf crew that’s holding our attention right now. Keep reading to see the seven coolest ways to wear a headscarf now, as well as our GIF guide to knotting them well.

1. The hippie


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Style Notes: This style looks best loosely knotted to the back of a modern ponytail, allowing the scarf tails to billow in the wind. See Gucci’s resort collection (above) for what-to-wear-with guidance.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

2. The Queen


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Style Notes: A neat knot at the chin from a square (often printed) scarf is required for this classic ’50s-inspired style. One would normally associate it with the queen when off duty (gilet optional), but most recently, the idea has been adopted in a tonal approach by Demna Gvasalia on the Balenciaga runway.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

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3. The topknot


(Image credit: Natalie Off Duty)

Style Notes: Part turban, part headband, this is a cuter take on the more adventurous turban seen below. It’s particularly good if you want to look a little boho—I’d suggest adding earrings and/or sunglasses and wearing your hair loose. Best achieved with a skinny scarf.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

4. The Turban


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Style Notes: For the more outré fashion lovers with access to bigger scarves and dexterous hands, this is the headscarf action to implement for parties. Catherine Baba (the stylist who navigates Paris on a bicycle in Saint Laurent heels—pictured above) should be your spirit guide for getting it wrap. This is all about wrapping and pinning in place.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

5. The Bandana Triangle


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Style Notes: This can err on noughties territory when worn at the front of your forehead (or with a smaller bandana-print scarf), so it’s chicer to pick a silver foulard and wear it further back on your head like Cipriana Quann has done here.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

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6. The Pony


Style Notes: This scarf-styling idea ruled summer 2017—simply grab a mini silk or cotton scarf, and knot it into a bow around any ponytail or bun for cute-girl brownie points. Who says scarves can’t be for saving bad hair days, eh?


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

7. the hollywood


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Style Notes: Originally a wrap-and-go style for Hollywood starlets travelling in style, this retro scarf-tying look has been adopted by fashion girls such as Miroslava Duma.


(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

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