I’m Updating My 2021 Wardrobe—Here Are 7 Editor-Approved Winter Items I’m Buying

'Tis the season for the closet cleanout. Few things rival the feeling of finally hunkering down to organize and get your piles of stuff together. So far I've tackled my underwear collection (basically rebuilding it from scratch after months of neglect), and now I've set my sights on my everyday wardrobe. While I declutter, rearrange, and swap out all of the clothes I'm either over or have outgrown, I'm already thinking about the upgrades I'll be adding for this winter.

Quite a few styles have caught my attention at the tail end of last year–second-skin tops, pink sweaters, and grandpa cardigans to name a few– and now I’m eager to finally pull the trigger and buy. Since working from home is still very much on the agenda, my primary focus is on affordable items that look a step up from sweatsuits and loungewear, yet don’t require much effort to style (I want to be Zoom ready ideally in less than 15 minutes). I’ve got a lot of items on my mental shopping list, so get comfortable, and let’s go through them together.


1. Pink Cable Knit Sweaters

I'm sure everyone can use an injection of color during these dreary winter days, and bright pink just might be what the doctor ordered. You can't help but feel happy seeing a shade like this–which is precisely why I've been pairing it with almost every pair of jeans I own. It's a commanding color, but you'd be surprised at its versatility; chunky pink sweaters look amazing with floral skirts for fancy looks, pin-stripe trousers for more professional looks, and jeans for relaxed days.

2. High Waist Printed Pants

I will forever be team high-rise pants because they flatter my lower proportions the most, but this year I'm switching things up with prints. It definitely took time to get to the point where I'm comfortable pulling off busy printed pants, but it's a new year so why not experiment a little? I plan on wearing these swirling printed pants with a white tee and black puffer coat. Très chic.

3. Second Skin Tops

By now you should know we thoroughly endorse a "second skin" top. This trend has slipped into 2021, with many fashion girls dressing them up with slick leather pants or jeans. It's the kind of piece you can throw on with ease and create the illusion that you spent much longer planning your outfit. 

4. Grandpa Cardigans

These days my outfits have been more and more reminiscent of my grandfather, and these chunky cardigans are partly to blame. Heavy-knit and soft as a hug, a thick oversize cardigan has been my work from home go-to. They feel a little more put together than say a sweatshirt, and seeing how fashion girls effortlessly dress them up has further validated my choice. 

5. Belted (Faux) Leather Pants

Who What Wear at Target winter fashion



I swear there's magic in the look of leather pants– everything just looks a thousand times better with them. I regrettably didn't buy a pair at the start of this winter season, but coming into 2021, I won't make that mistake again. You could invest in the real deal, but if you're looking to save a buck like me, faux leather can provide the same elevated sophistication for less.

6. Turtleneck Maxi Dresses

Who What Wear at Target winter fashion



Dresses were pretty low on my priority list last year, so now I'm putting more emphasis on not letting my sense of style fall to the wayside. The perfect medium between low effort and high style payoff is the turtleneck dress. It's not a silhouette that needs a complicated print or neckline to make work, really all you need is a great pair of shoes. I'm looking to buy a few in elegant neutral colors. 

Who What Wear at Target winter fashion



7. Exaggerated Sleeves

Dramatic sleeves are my love language, and I'm not ashamed. This isn't an "update" to my closet per se, but it's definitely an item that I will be heavily investing in as we progress into 2021. I usually despise dressing for cold weather, but I'll suppress my dislike for the opportunity to show off a blouse with long exaggerated sleeves. 

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