17 Pieces You Can Re-Wear Without Anyone Noticing

The subject of whether or not it's okay to re-wear pieces in the Instagram age that we're living in was recently broached on Who What Wear's Instagram feed, which got me thinking about my stance on the subject and how I get away with re-wearing the same things over and over. Since not re-wearing clothes probably isn't a thing unless you're a celebrity with a stylist who gives you with brand-new outfits every week, I try to build my wardrobe with staples that are cool without being instantly recognizable. So even if I happen to post a particular piece to Instagram more than once, I don't think twice if it's something subtle, such as a leather moto jacket like Lucy Williams is wearing in the shot above. But this isn't to say that subtle means boring, per se. Included in my mix of pieces I re-wear all the time are printed dresses, It accessories, and more. In fact, oftentimes my fiancé even asks me "Is that new?" about things he's seen me wear multiple times. 

Curious to see which pieces I re-wear on repeat without anyone noticing? Read on to shop them all and find out why I swear by them!