5 Wardrobe Investment Pieces to Have in Your 30s

You've likely heard the phrase "investment pieces" a handful of times. They're basically classic wardrobe staples that never lose their allure. You can wear them season after season, and they can be worn and styled in a handful of ways. One important thing to keep in mind: Don't be scared by the price tag, because although it may seem steep at the time, we're talking about forever pieces.

They come with great cost per wear, and you can always lean on them. Though our style evolves as we get older, some staples simply will always have a place in our closet. Ahead, we break down five wardrobe investment pieces to have in your 30s. And if you don't yet own these, there's no better time than now. Read on to see and shop our edit of the closet essentials every 30-year-old should have on rotation.