7 Investment Pieces That Are Less Than $30 Per Wear

I've believed in buying investment pieces for as long as I can remember and have always preferred saving for big items over regular fast-fashion purchases. It’s actually something I’ve practiced ever since I was younger. One of my first big fashion buys was the result of babysitting money I had saved up over a summer. I pooled everything I earned and bought my first investment piece—a black nylon Prada bag—that I still own today.

Since then, not much has changed when it comes to my approach to shopping. Each season, I’ll identify a few major investment pieces to add to my closet and dedicate my wardrobe budget to those things. I’ll still add some more-affordable trend-forward pieces at times, but it’s investment pieces—those high-quality items and elevated basics, the backbone of my wardrobe—that end up getting the most wear. When I break it down with the cost-per-wear calculations, there’s no doubt that my investment purchases have been my smartest buys. Ahead, see seven of my best investment piece buys that ring in under $30 per wear.

The Trench: $4 Per Wear

This Burberry trench coat is an investment purchase that I picked up over 10 years ago. I believe you can never go wrong with the classics, and that's certainly the case for my Burberry trench coat. Living in L.A., I can wear it nearly the whole year—and I do, at least once a month. I typically throw it on over jeans or dresses to tie together my outfits.

The breakdown: $1895 ÷ 520 wears = $4 per wear

The Everyday Bag: $27 Per Wear

The everyday bag I'd been wearing for years had been worn out beyond repair, so I was looking for something to replace it. I had been wearing a bucket style, but I wanted something that felt more polished. When I discovered this frame bag from Tory Burch, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I've been wearing this bag every single day since I ordered it three months ago.

The breakdown: $798 ÷ 90 wears = $27 per wear

The Leather Jacket: $5 Per Wear

For years, I had been on a hunt for a leather jacket but could never find the right one. Some were too cropped or too boxy. Others felt cheaply made or hovered in the $3000 price range. But when I discovered this style from a collaboration between Reformation and Veda, I knew I had found the perfect version. It's been a regular staple in my closet ever since I bought in a few years ago, and I wear it at least once a week. The great news is that it's still being produced since it's one of the brand's best sellers.

The breakdown: $498 ÷ 104 wears = $5 per wear

The LBD: $9 Per Wear

While the price tag on this dress is low to begin with, I still consider it an investment piece. I think everyone needs a perfect little black dress in their closet, and I've been wearing this to everything from work dinners to date nights to parties with friends since I added it to my closet last year.

The breakdown: $134 ÷ 15 wears = $9 per wear

The Logo Bag: $30 Per Wear

I picked up this vintage '90s pochette over the summer at the onset of the Dior saddle bag return. I honestly didn't realize just how versatile it was until it arrived, but it has been one of my staples ever since. It's something that feels a little more fun than some of my basic black pieces.

The breakdown: $595 ÷ 20 wears = $30 per wear

The Designer Bag: $2 Per Wear

I bought this bag when I lived in Paris years ago, and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. The is my ultimate day-to-night bag, so I always wear it when I want a transitional piece. It's also something I pack on every trip I take, so it's traveled the world with me from L.A. to NYC, Paris to Rome, and everywhere in between. In the 10 years I've owned it, I'd estimate I've worn it at least twice a week.

The breakdown: $2100 ÷ 1040 wears = $2 per wear

Slingback Heels: $5 Per Wear

I had been contemplating purchasing Chanel's cap-toe slingback heels ever since I spotted them on the F/W 15 runway. Two years later, I finally convinced myself to buy them, so I popped into the store on Rodeo Drive and finally pulled the trigger—and I'm so happy I did. They're the most worn (and most loved) shoes in my closet and go with everything from casual outfits with jeans or dresses. I've worn them at least twice a week since buying them a year and a half ago.

The breakdown: $695 ÷ 156 wears = $5 per wear

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