7 Investment Pieces That Are Less Than $30 Per Wear

I've believed in buying investment pieces for as long as I can remember and have always preferred saving for big items over regular fast-fashion purchases. It’s actually something I’ve practiced ever since I was younger. One of my first big fashion buys was the result of babysitting money I had saved up over a summer. I pooled everything I earned and bought my first investment piece—a black nylon Prada bag—that I still own today.

Since then, not much has changed when it comes to my approach to shopping. Each season, I’ll identify a few major investment pieces to add to my closet and dedicate my wardrobe budget to those things. I’ll still add some more-affordable trend-forward pieces at times, but it’s investment pieces—those high-quality items and elevated basics, the backbone of my wardrobe—that end up getting the most wear. When I break it down with the cost-per-wear calculations, there’s no doubt that my investment purchases have been my smartest buys. Ahead, see seven of my best investment piece buys that ring in under $30 per wear.