30 Investment Pieces Fashion Girls Are Buying in 2019

As it happens, I personally believe in investment shopping. When making new purchases, I consider factors like quality over quantity and cost per wear each time I buy something new, and I tend to skip over super-trendy pieces that won’t have a long shelf life. To find out which shopping picks we’re braced to see more of next year (i.e., what’s gonna stick around), I asked a handful of stylish fashion girls to weigh in about the investment pieces they’re already gunning for in 2019.

I’ve posed the question before, but right now I’m interested to find out which direction the fashion needle will be moving in a couple of months. It turns out that boots and jewelry are top of mind, with accessories from Chanel continuing to be among the most wanted items for the fashion set. So, what are the best new investment pieces worth adding to your shopping cart for the New Year? Ahead, see the items fashion girls will be buying in 2019—and scroll to the end to see which are on my list.

Jessica Minkoff, Fashion Content Editor, Bergdorf Goodman
Best new investment pieces



"My natural state is to be cold, so I can never have too many jackets. I like this one because it is sporty, lightweight, and longer in length."

"I only like boots with a bit of a masculine feel. These from Fendi are the perfect height to wear under jeans in the winter and with dresses in the spring."

"I love a classic bag in a novelty pattern—I can wear this one with jeans and a sweater on repeat."

Nicole Eshaghpour, Market Editor, Who What Wear



"I'm on a puffer jacket kick right now, and I have my eyes set on a Prada one next because I know it will never go out of style."

"Sticking with the winter theme, as long as I can somehow manage to keep them clean, I know I would keep these forever."

Tiffany Hsu, Fashion Buying Director, MyTheresa



"Loewe is one of my favorite collections this season and this leather dress is everything. Easy to wear and such a statement piece, yet so timeless."

"Summer boots are on top of my list and the best way to wear them is a bit slouchy in a light color! This way you can still show off your beautiful tan and be ultra-cool at the same time."

Alyssa Coscarelli, Freelance Writer
Best investment pieces



"It may seem silly to call a tee an investment, but I don't necessarily consider a $90 T-shirt to be pocket change! Still, I'm eyeing this one from Are You Am I, and to be totally transparent, it's because it looked really good in this Instagram photo, and I've previously been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of Are You Am I's fabrics. This will definitely be my next buy from them."

"I have a bunch of piercings at this point, and yet I still don't wear them most days because I haven't found the perfect earrings for them. In 2019, I'd really like to get to the point of having an ear full of high-quality pieces that I adore and never take off, ideally from The Last Line."

Marisa Witkin, Fashion Designer


Courtesy of Marisa Witkin

"I love anything that I can wear on repeat and never tire of and this black viscose utility dress for Pre-Spring 19 fits the bill. It is available for preorder now at MarisaWitkin.com and ships in February."

"I don't wear much jewelry, but on the rare occasion that I cross paths with something that speaks to me, I'll hold out for a couple weeks to make sure it's something that I really love and will wear forever. These Baroque pearl earrings from Sophie Buhai are currently on my mind."

"Another, less expensive indulgence would be this pearl barrette."

Michelle Salem, Brand Manager, Opening Ceremony
New investment pieces



"These have been around for a couple of seasons now, but I'm ready to take the plunge for 2019. They are the perfect office shoes in terms of heel height, but the color and exaggerated shape keep them fashion-forward."

"I've recently been considering finally investing in a Chanel bag, and the vintage options on The RealReal come at a bit more of a reasonable price point!"

TyLynn Nguyen, Lingerie Designer
Best new investment pieces



"My current favorite jeans, they are the perfect straight legged denim and look great with a simple turtleneck or feminine jacket. I am obsessed with every color."

"At 6 feet tall, I consider these the perfect dress-up flats for any occasion."

"Sure, I design it, but it's the best slip. It hugs your body in all of the right places. Simple to wear as a dress or to bed. Versatility is key here!"

"It goes great with denim and perfect for crisp California evenings."

Adrienne Faurote, Fashion Editor, Marie Claire
Investment pieces



"It took me a while to get on the sneaker train—and maybe still I'm not totally on board—but I cannot stop thinking about these Chanel sneakers! And all of the ones that walked the runway S/S 19."

"I feel like my 2019 list consists of things I've been marinating on for a while. I think it's time to invest in the wrap watch."

Christie Tyler, Blogger, NYC Bambi
Fashion-girl approved investment pieces



"I would love to invest in some snake-print pants for this winter because they are the perfect pick for a going-out outfit while it is below 35 degrees out. Paired with a chic turtleneck and heels, you'll be good to go and not freezing your butt off in a minidress!"

"I am obsessed with this piece because it is so different yet so chic for winter, not to mention super cuddly. Though it is unique, I can picture myself keeping it for many winters to come; I can't resist the coziness of it!"

"I feel like a slip dress in a deep plum color makes for the perfect festive dress. I've been eyeing this one and really want to splurge on it. Paired with tall boots and a faux-fur coat or turtleneck underneath, it could make for the perfectly chic holiday look while remaining warm and comfortable."

Lucy Akin, Owner, Shop Super Street
Best new investment pieces for 2019



"Khaite makes so many good investment pieces, and the Viola sweater is a perfect example. Sweaters are the wardrobe staple that keeps on giving. This one is so classic and is made of really cozy cashmere."

"Great pants can take you a long way. A nice pair of pants will make you look put together with almost no effort. I love these pants because they are expertly tailored and are made in a really luxe structured fabric."

"Mary Janes have become a new classic. Paired with dresses or pants, they have become one of my favorite shoes to wear with everything."

Kristen Nichols, Associate Editor, Who What Wear
Best 2019 investment pieces



Of all of the pieces I dream of one day owning, this Bulgari Serpenti watch is at the very top of my list.

I spotted someone wearing quilted Chanel boots on the streets of NYC years ago and have been looking for a similar pair ever since. This season, Chanel released an almost identical style, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

I've been looking for the perfect travel bag to carry to the airport and have my sights set on this newly launched toile tote from Dior.