5 Waist-Up Trends People Are Shopping for, According to Data


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As video conference calls temporarily replace in-person work meetings, birthday celebrations, dinner dates, and family gatherings, we've become more and more concerned with being comfortable on the bottom and camera-ready (low-key, at least) on the top. This explains why global fashion search engine Lyst's latest weekly report of stay-at-home fashion is filled with "waist-up" trends that people are shopping for. 

As Lyst VP of Communications Katy Lubin remarked, "Stay at home shoppers want to dress up from the waist up. The spike in demand for statement earrings, brooches, printed scarves, and stand-out tops suggests we’re looking for items that will add some sparkle to our daily video call looks. The 'jazzy top half' is the only fit that matters."

One interesting tidbit from this week's report is that after the queen addressed the UK, people were particularly interested in what she wore. Searches for the color green and brooches rose dramatically in just three hours. Keep scrolling to shop more of the waist-up trends people are suddenly very interested in.


Following the queen's speech, searches for the color green spiked 52%. This striking color is flattering to many skin tones and looks lovely on camera.


The queen's speech also led to a whopping 115% rise in searches for brooches, with Chanel ones being the most coveted.

Tiger Print

According to Lyst's report, tiger, leopard, and zebra print have tripled over the past month thanks in large part to the popularity of the Netflix series Tiger King. Kenzo's signature tiger logo and Anine Bing's tiger sweatshirt are some of the hottest picks.


As tying a scarf around your neck or putting it in your hair is a lovely look for a video call, searches for them have increased by 12% week over week.

Statement Earrings

Not surprisingly, searches for statement earrings are up by 40% over the past seven days. The report states that large hoops, clip-on earrings, and pearl drop earrings are the most popular searches.

Next up, the one thing that makes affordable loungewear look expensive.

Allyson Payer
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