"Shimmer" Lingerie Is the Next Big Thing, According to a VS Angel

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about lingerie, it's the Victoria's Secret Angels. I mean, it's not every day you meet someone who wears everything from matching sets to corsets to bodysuits on the regular, so when I had the chance to interview VS model Josephine Skriver, you know I had a question or two up my sleeve for her on the matter. The interview took place in honor of Victoria's Secret's new Body by Victoria collection, which has everything from everyday pieces to bolder getups, if you will, and Skriver, as you can imagine, is a huge fan.

We chatted about all things lingerie, including her all-time favorite VS bra and the best lingerie to travel in, but the most fascinating topic of conversation was the latest lingerie trend she's loving: shimmer. That's right—shiny, glistening, KiraKira–ready bras, underwear, and the like. Below, read a snippet of my interview with the model to find out why she's fawning over this new lingerie trend, and then shop the pieces she's wearing now.

aaaaand we are backstage at the #vsfashionshow ????????????

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How is this VS collection different from ones in the past?

I mean, this Body by Victoria collection is so cute. It's so summer fresh. It has these bold colors while still being really muted and cool. I love that it has that mix, and it has a little bit of shimmer and lace. It just makes it a little bit more fun because it is such an everyday collection. It's so comfortable and offers every level of padding that you could wish for if you want nothing to full on push-up. It's my everyday staple bra, so I love when they come out with new colors because it's a little more fun. I love that you can see the bras through your tank tops or through something. Especially with this one, I love that you can incorporate it into your everyday look.

Are there any other lingerie trends you're loving right now?

I've always been a big fan of lace, but I didn't realize that shimmer is my new thing because I always liked that in makeup, and I think it's really cute. But the fact that these bras have a little hint of shimmer on the edges just makes them really fun. Especially when you have the KiraKira+ app, which I know it sounds so stupid to say, but it really is a bra I just want to wear for social because it's so fun and cute, especially when you go out at night it just catches onto the light.

Life’s too short to wear panties that don’t sparkle. #littleluxuries

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You’re GLOWING (get ready to hear that a lot) ✨

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