The Best Lingerie to Travel in, According to a VS Model

Finding the perfect travel uniform is like putting together a puzzle, except everyone's puzzle is different, meaning your ideal 'fit comes with an individualized process of trial and error. Some women prefer to travel dressed to the nines, some sport the leggings-and-sneakers vibe, and others still pray they don't run into their boss at the airport unless that just-rolled-out-of-bed look is their version of office-friendly. There's no right or wrong answer, but usually, there's always one item every woman wears to the airport, and that's lingerie.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat all things lingerie with Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver. I asked her tons of questions about the best Victoria's Secret bra ever, her favorite new lingerie trends (story on that one to come), and, of course, her favorite lingerie to travel in. Her answer was quite surprising to me, but also extremely practical. She chose the new Long Line Demi Bra from the new Body by Victoria collection. Considering this is someone who has to be in Shanghai one day and New York the next, I think it's safe to say her judgment on the matter deserves all the trust in the world, so go on to read exactly why she chose this bra as her go-to for comfortable travel.

always on the go. ✈️

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What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The one I’m wearing now, the Victoria’s Secret Long Line Demi Bra. I’m into this whole trend right now—trying to wear my bras as outerwear. I think it’s so comfortable too. It’s a sexy way of showing off your lingerie without really showing anything. It doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing a bra as outerwear, because it has a deeper and longer cut to it, which helps it feel more like a top. That’s the barrier of going from there to maybe just wearing a top underneath.

What are your favorite bra styles to travel in?

I mean, the Body by Victoria collection is so comfortable; it really has everyday bras that come in these amazing fabrics. Even though they have lace and shimmer, they just feel really comfortable. Again, I have to go back to this one (the Victoria’s Secret Long Line Demi Bra). I don’t even have to bring tops anymore, so it saves a ton of room in my suitcase.

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Available in sizes 32A to 38DDD.

When in Dallas ???? @romeestrijd in new Body by Victoria. #regram

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Available in sizes 32A to 38DDD.

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