One Million+ Views Later, These 8 Viral TikTok Dresses Are Still Going Strong


The power of TikTok is simply unmatched. We've seen creators on the app sell out everything from chic fashion finds to random Amazon finds that are simply life-changing. But never has anything created as big of a commotion as the dresses that have gained quite the applause. A quick show-and-tell of a new favorite dress has given many creators viral status overnight. 

There's something about a perfect dress that brings women together. One common theme you'll notice is that many of the winners ended up being very size-inclusive. We all fangirl when there's a dress that looks good on everyone. Below, you'll find eight dresses that have gone viral on TikTok and are so worth the hype.


(Image credit: @kelsey_kotzur)

As a proud owner of this Reformation dress, I can assure you it's just as good as it looks in photos. I've worn it for both special occasions and just a typical weekend day and it's never steered me wrong. They're always bringing it back in new colorways and prints, so my eyes are always on its landing page. 

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(Image credit: @destinylanay)

By now, we've all heard about this Skims dress, and it's another style that I confirm is so worth the hype. The first time I tried it on, my jaw dropped. I don't have much of a curve to my lower body yet the dress somehow magically gave me a full-on hourglass silhouette. I wasn't expecting much so was presently surprised. Every woman needs this one in her closet.

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(Image credit: @inchargeofoutfits)

I've never seen a dress sell out faster than this Zara dress. When Marina Rough posted it, there was an immediate fanfare and suddenly everyone had it. While the original pink has sadly passed us by, I'm eyeing the new colorways it's been launching in. All of the brides in my life need the white one.

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(Image credit: @clairerose)

This isn't Tove Studio's first viral moment. Its effortless summer dresses were everywhere in the summer of 2020 when people wanted to look both chic and comfortable. History repeats itself with their Aperol Spritz–colored creations causing a lot of hype.

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(Image credit: @phaithmontoya)

One-size-fits-all is a phrase that scares many people. So, when it comes to Poster Girl fun party dresses, Phaith Montoya set out to see if that was really true. Trying on three of its most popular dresses, two out of the three were a hit, with just one not fitting right. Her enthusiasm about how well the winners fit her was enough to sell me on the brand.

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(Image credit: @greceghanem)

A dress that slips on and looks chic as easily as this one is a must in every woman's closet. Seeing Grece Geham prance around in it was enough to sell me. We all need this maxi.

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(Image credit: @miaaaortizz)

In-between takes on the Mirror Palais set, model Mia Ortiz fell in love with their ballerina-inspired dress. A quick OOTD video made this dress rank on the list of viral numbers and for good reason. Have you ever seen anything more flattering?

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(Image credit: @carolinafreixa)

Dressing up for a quick trip to Trader Joe's is so underrated. Carolina Freixa went viral for the chic sundress that she wore for her weekend errands. It's really the back of the dress that made this look such a sensation so you need to take a closer look.

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