Everyone on TikTok Is Obsessed With These 5 Summer Trends, so I Tried Them

Even as a fashion editor whose job relies on conducting trend research, I often end up being a little nervous about incorporating some popular trends into my everyday wardrobe. It's easy to see and love certain items on the runway or in campaigns, but it might be tough to envision them as something you'd wear every day. However, when I find myself viewing "'fit check" videos on TikTok of the same trends, I'm not as intimidated. The outfit videos usually show users out and about, so I'm more inclined to take note of the wearability of said items. Plus, TikTok can lead you to the accounts of people who aren't in the industry, so there's a lot more versatility in styling.

With summer on my mind, I've rounded up the five trends TikTok has inspired me to try for the warm-weather season. Below, take a look at the current trends on our favored app—from the bright cobalt blue that is quickly replacing kelly green to the ultimate Y2K-inspired cargo pants.

1. Layered and Mixed Jewelry

I've always been afraid to stack multiple pieces of jewelry (especially mixed metals) because I think it'll be too much, but the TikTok girlies have changed my mind. Instead of being a jewelry overload, it actually adds a striking point of interest to the look.

There will always be room for kelly green in my heart, but it seems like cobalt blue is the color on everyone's minds right now.

3. Workwear

Maybe it's the wave of everyone returning to the office or the grip Matilda Djerf has on TikTok, but I am constantly seeing menswear-inspired workwear. Think relaxed trousers, clean blazers, and button-downs galore.

4. Escapist Fashion

Now that people are starting to go on their summer vacations, my feed has been filled with packing videos for the warmer climate, which of course calls for "escapist" fashion. While I don't have any tropical getaways on my calendar this summer, you can still find the trends below in my cart.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Y2K resurgence that's all over my TikTok feed for my own personal style (but I love how it looks on others), but cargo pants happen to be the exception. They're cool, casual, and extremely comfortable.