12 Surprisingly Current Shots of Celebs Wearing Coats in the '80s, '90s and '00s

I can’t be the only person who has said a quiet prayer of thanks for this spell of cooler weather. Finally we can stop passing off kaftans as office attire and focus our attention on the autumn newness dropping online. Starting with a new coat. Except “new” might not be the best word.

A quick scroll on Matchesfashion.com seems to suggest that outerwear is having a bit of a vintage revival. There’s the utilitarian leather trench by Nili Lotan that looks straight out of Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobes circa 1990. Then the leopard-spotted car coat that has J-Lo in her “Let’s Get Loud” heyday written all over it. Saks Potts has the kind of shearling-trimmed jackets, with puffs of the stuff around the collar and sleeves, that Kate Moss wore to stalk out of parties in the early '90s.

This easiest way to tick off this trend is to head to your nearest charity shop. If that fails, try falling down the rabbit hole of Depop or Etsy. To help your search for something suitably “Moss”, here are 12 shots from the retro coat hall of fame.


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The patent platforms, the sheer tights, the supermodel accessory on her left arm, no wonder Kate Moss’s fur-trimmed coat looks fabulous.


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Only Lisa Bonet—or perhaps her daughter, Zoe Kravitz—could pull off a sweeping velvet robe, cheongsam-collared dress and cowboy boots in one outfit.


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Three years into Friends and Jennifer Aniston has nailed the TV-darling-off-duty look. The androgynous black overcoat pulls everything together.


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Oprah at 1998’s premiere of Beloved should be the blueprint for starlets looking to forge a red carpet identity. Yes that is satin tapestry coat around her shoulders and yes it looks marvellous.


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The Yeezy-coloured polo neck, the square-toed boots, the leopard print coat—is this Kendall Jenner or Jennifer Lopez?


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Before Goop and facial acupuncture, Gwyneth Paltrow majored in perfectly oversized leather coats.

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There’s something charmingly pre-stylist about this ensemble Natalie Portman wore to The Pianist’s premiere, starting with the charcoal-coloured coat. Raise your hand if you want to bring back stars dressing weather appropriately on the red carpet?


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This photo was taken almost 20 years ago yet Lucy Liu and her bang on trend coat have barely aged a day between them.


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We’d be grinning like Salma Hayek if we were the proud owners of that frog-green pea coat.


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Before Bradshaw and her Blahniks came SJP and her eighties trench coats. In fact, we’ve long philosophised that she had our dream wardrobe in 1986.


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Is it me or does Thandie Newton’s outfit at the 2004 premiere of Shade looks suspiciously like something you might see at Copenhagen Fashion Week?


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I love the simplicity of Kristin Scott Thomas’s satin overcoat and managed to find something similar in silhouette for €15 in one of Paris’s vintage shops.

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