We Dared Our Fashion Director to Try Out the "Naked" Trend

Somewhere around day four of NYFW is when things really start to get interesting. The beginning of the week is all excited hellos and gushing compliments from industry friends carrying impractically small handbags. Enthusiastic catch-ups ensue with NYC blow-ins you haven’t seen since last fashion week—everyone is fresh, on time, and appropriately caffeinated, ready for the week (or month) ahead.

Give it a minute. By midweek, the cracks start to show—presentations run late, meaning more shows run late as models and front-rowers navigate crosstown traffic. New York City seemingly comes to a standstill as Uber fares soar and Escalades with tinted windows barely make an effort to pull over on one-way streets. Smartphone batteries run critically low, dinner plans get cancelled, and even my chill Australian blogger friends grow fidgety as they miss the business-day window for another time zone.

Is fashion week great? Yes. Does it go according to plan? Oh, hell no. Am I too ambitious with my outfit changes? Well, probably, but when else can I try out a look and breezily put it down to “Hey, it was fashion week!”? Daring to dive into this whole visible-bra thing that’s taken over my Instagram feed, I set out on one full day of embracing what’s affectionately been dubbed the “naked” trend. Ride along with me as I take on another overloaded day mid-NYFW and squeeze in four chic ways to put the new Victoria’s Secret Unlined Bras on display for the world to see. (Sorry, Mum.)