A VS Model Told Us Her Go-To Airport Outfit (and It's Genius)


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Victoria's Secret model Sanne Vloet is getting ready to embark on an over-15-hour flight to get to this year's final fashion show destination: Shanghai, China. And while the Angels (Vloet included) have jet-set across the globe in previous years for the lingerie extravaganza, this year's location marks the show's farthest adventure to date.

But traveling is a normal part of any model's job. While for us, getting to work may mean a 30-minute commute, for some models, it means hopping on a plane and flying several hours before arriving on location. It's practically fact then that becoming efficient at packing (and traveling) is essential.

Thankfully, we were able to tap the expertise of Vloet ahead of her travels to Shanghai, asking her about everything from her go-to airport outfit to her best packing tips (and trust us, they're as good as you'd expect).

"I love to wear a warm cashmere hoodie with loose-fitting pants and Gucci loafers," Vloet shared with Who What Wear about her go-to travel uniform. And her reasoning behind it is simple (but genius). "The loafers are easy to put on and off, which makes traveling easier. Comfort is the most important thing for me!" But she does have one major airport don't. "Don't dress too shabby! If you dress well, you feel well, especially after a long flight!" she said.

Vloet has received some clever travel and packing tips from fellow models as well. "Roll all the clothes in your suitcase. It will prevent wrinkles," she noted as one hack. "And always bring a scarf with you. It's easy to pack and is good to have on hand if the temperature changes."

Now, after all the travel advice, we had one question left for Vloet: What are you taking with you to Shanghai (and why)? Of course, everything she's packing is as stylish as it seems practical. Scroll through to shop the seven essentials VS model Sanne Vloet is bringing with her to Shanghai.

Eva Thomas