Just a Reminder: David and Victoria Beckham Excel at Couple Style

One of our favorite fashion couples is celebrating a special anniversary today. David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot 18 years ago on July 4, 1999. And though you might be a fan of the duo now, you’d be remiss to not take a trip down memory lane before Victoria was leading her eponymous brand and the Beckhams grew to be a family of six.

In the same year that the former Spice Girl and soccer star got married, they also opted for looks that pretty much let the world know “Yep, we’re together!” When Victoria dressed in a sleek, sleeveless LBD, David countered her look with black leather pants and a simple white, cutoff tee. If Victoria slipped into a slinky midi skirt and a matching navel-baring top, David followed with a tunic-and-trouser combination of similar ease. And you better believe that Mom and Dad didn’t dare forget to coordinate on the days they’d wear head-to-toe leather suits.

Below, take a look at some of the epic ’99 outfits from one of our favorite fashion couples. And happy anniversary, you two.

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