I Tried Everything From Victoria Beckham's Beauty Line—Here's What to Buy First


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Is it just us, or do you also ask yourself What would Victoria Beckham do at the onset of any life debacle? (Or, at least, any fashion or beauty debacle.) It's no secret we're pretty damn smitten with Posh, and we take note of every move she makes within the style, makeup, and skincare realms. Thus, you can only imagine our squeals of glee when we heard through the grapevine earlier this year that VB was plotting and creating her very own beauty line—complete with shadows, liners, and sparkling, real crystal-studded lid lusters. Thrilled is the word we're looking for here.

Then, to add to the fervor of Victoria Beckham Beauty's initial drop, just a few weeks ago, the brand launched two additional formulas to her highly coveted product roster—a deliciously creamy lip pencil and a whipped, featherlight lip tint called Bisou that's basically your everyday antidote to the question What should I wear on my lips today? In addition to launching truly amazing makeup products formulaically, she also launched them in gorgeous packaging—seriously, so elegant and luxurious. And, wait for it, they're clean-formulated, sustainably made and packaged, created by women, and cruelty-free.

Thus, I took it upon myself to try every single product and hue to see if they could live up to my *very* high expectations. Below, I'm highlighting each of the five products and ranking them by which I think you should splurge on first. Keep scrolling! 

1. The Lip Definer

My favorite:

I can count on one (well, now two!) fingers the number of lip pencils I'll personally vouch for as a beauty editor and product hoarder. Up until I tried this new, creamy, clean-formulated option from VB's beauty line, Charlotte Tilbury's iconic pencil was my number one. But now, I find myself reaching for this luxurious debut instead. Where to start? In addition to being deliciously smooth—an absolute must for lip pencils—it's also waterproof, ultra-precise, vegan, dermatologically tested, and completely feather-proof. Also, I have to give a nod to the shades—they're beautiful. No. 03, a pretty pink-mauve, has taken the lead as my favorite, as I've found it's a near match to my actual lip tone. The Lip Definer is an everyday staple, which is why I recommend you snap it up first. 

More options:

A pale peach that's great for fair to light lip tones.

The brand describes No. 2 as a neutral beige-brown for light to medium lip tones.

A striking rose-tinged brown for medium lip tones.

A rich tone of caramel that's especially stunning for those with tan or deep natural lip color. 

A shade the brand dubs Chestnut—a luxe option for deep to rich lip tones.

2. The Bitten Lip Tint

Meet Bisou, a gorgeous, just-bitten lip tint that's basically all I've been wearing every day since I sunk my teeth into it. Truth be told, this doe-footed little beauty is actually my favorite VB Beauty product, but I do think the lip definer really takes the overall effect to the next level, so I included it first as I feel it's really an essential accent to the lip tint. Plus, I also found this formula a tad drying (though other editors I've consulted disagree), which, I can't lie, knocked it down a notch on the leaderboard. 

But back to why I love it and think you should buy it. First off, the texture is addicting and unlike any other lip product I've swiped. It's light as a feather, whipped, and gel-like while still delivering a juicy punch of color. It's exactly the kind of drama I'm craving right now in anticipation of the moodier winter months. Fair warning: It looks really dark when you first dab it on, but it has an amazing way of adapting and melting into your natural lip color. My fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I have very different natural lip tones, and we were both impressed. The formula itself also features strategic ingredient additions like hyaluronic acid and squalene to visually plump and iron out any lines or wrinkles. If you crave a plump, low-maintenance, just-blotted lip vibe, you need the Bitten Lip Tint in your everyday makeup wardrobe

3. The Satin Kajal Liner

My favorite:

Let me tell you that I take my eyeliner very seriously and have been in a monogamous relationship with my jet-black Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner for years. And no matter what other liners and formulas I try, I've remained stubbornly loyal. Perhaps it's the Taurus in me?

Anyway, that's all come to a screeching halt because I'm hopelessly obsessed with VB's creamy chamomile-, panthenol-, and vitamin-enriched Kajal—this poisonously pretty shade of Bordeaux, especially. Despite how glide-friendly and easy to apply the matte-satin formula is, it's waterproof, remains true to color no matter how long you wear it, and doesn't cause my eyes to water. (It's dermatologist-and ophthalmologist-tested, safe for contact lens wearers, and gluten-free to boot.) If you expect a lot from your eyeliner—durable wear, rich pigment, and a creamy, no-tug application—this is one of the best. 

More options:

A shimmering gilded shade of bronze that drips with metallic, holiday appeal. 

4. The Lid Lustre

My favorite:

I'm a glitter gal through and through, so you can imagine my excitement in response to these crystal-studded Lid Lustres. Each of the four shades is, in fact, enriched with a different crystal for what the brand calls "aura-amplifying energy." I don't know about all that, but I do know I was impressed with these pretty little pots, the most versatile, for me, being the lightest shade called Blonde which is described as a pale cream with yellow-gold pearl and an infusion of citrine.

With just a quick dab on my inner corners and on the ball of my eyelid, any shadow is instantly elevated into a glimmering eye look worthy of lots and lots of compliments. They're also buildable and there's no fallout over the course of the day or night—I've worn the formula upward of 12 hours and not one flake of crystal has budged. The formula is 60% pearlescent pigment, which explains why the effect is so damn disco-pretty. For those who want to experiment with a glittery eye this season with minimal maintenance and effortless application, these Lid Lustres are an essential accent.

More options:

According to the brand, Onyx is deep black accented by silver pearl and infused with black obsidian (considered to create a protective aura to help shield against negativity).

Dusted with tiger's-eye—a gemstone often correlated with courage, strength, and personal power—this chocolate shade of taupe glimmers with hints of gold and silver pearl. 

For those who want to branch out from neutrals, this navy hue called Midnight features silver pearl and is also infused with Amethyst to amplify the flow of prosperity and abundance.

5. The Smoky Eye Brick

My favorite:

Honestly, the fact that these four-colored shadow bricks come in last is nothing personal. I'm just not a huge eye shadow person! And when I do reach for eye shadow, it's almost always a liquid or cream. So you can see that the powder finish of these was working against them. That said, I do think the packaging is so chic and gorgeous, the color variations are pretty, and the shadows themselves are satisfyingly saturated in pigment. They're so creamy and surprisingly easy to blend I actually was able to use just my finger.

That said, I wish there were some variation in finish since they're all matte. However, for those of you who love a great matte shadow in a mix of both wearable and more dramatic colors, I think you'll love these. My favorite has been the Signature palette because it's the most neutral and flub-free for my quick-to-wreck fingers. (I'm seriously horrible at applying powder eye shadow.) This eye shadow is one of the best matte formulas I've ever tried thanks to how stunning the pigment is and how easy and mistake-free it is to apply. Plus, you can't ignore how pretty the petite tortoiseshell compact is. 

More options:

A cool, neutral shadow spectrum spanning charcoal to ivory. 

Like blue velvet in shadow form, this brick has everything from the most brilliant cerulean cobalt to a Creamsicle-like off-white. And, of course, shades like denim in between. 

On the warmer, not-too-pink side of the neutrals is Tweed—a vibrant span of terra-cotta, plum, and even a fiery Spanish red.

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