Victoria Beckham's Belt Styling Trick Is as 2000s as It Gets

There was once a time when rolling up a scarf and fashioning it as a belt—weaving it into the loops of your (Delia's? Citizens of Humanity?) jeans—was the height of current fashion. And for those who survived high school in the early '00s, allow Victoria Beckham to show you the elevated, more sophisticated way to revisit the look.

As someone who often keeps accessories to a minimum, Beckham allowed one piece to tie (pun partially intended) her outfit together by revisiting the old makeshift belt trick. Harkening back to teen stars of the '00s, she used a silk scarf as a belt, allowing for a bit of extra fabric to elegantly hang from her hip. We'll admit that her 2018 iteration looks far more advanced and less clunky than the ones we attempted in the past.

Keep scrolling for a look at Beckham's updated nostalgic trick, as well as a little trip down memory lane.

Photo: Getty Images

For the record, here's how you might have once styled the scarf belt, á la Sienna Miller in 2005.

Photo: Getty Images

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