Big Sleeves and Wide-Leg Pants? Victoria Beckham Says Yes

In the debate of skinny versus wide-leg pants, we’d have to guess that Victoria Beckham doesn’t choose a side. Instead, the designer and style star, like many experimental fashion icons we know, likes to play around with both. And undoubtedly, when Beckham wants to go bold, she commits 110 percent. Case in point: the flared pant ensemble she sported this past weekend.

While it’s true that a top with a slimmer silhouette is a shape-defining partner for a pair of billowy trousers, in Beckham’s ensemble, she echoes the bell shape of her trousers with a sweater that also features a wide sleeve. It’s most definitely a lot of fabric from head to toe, and the reason it doesn't look overwhelming has to do with the length of the outfit. Because the hem of her pants falls nearly to the floor, and her funnel neck sits cozily just below her chin, the entire ensemble lengthens her 5'4" frame. Ultimately, it balances out the width in her limbs.

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Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

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