I Wear These 12 Items More Than 99% of My Wardrobe

Upon observing my outfits every day for a week, or even a month, one could easily come to the conclusion that I have a very minimal wardrobe, and likely a small closet to match. This, however, couldn't be the farther from the truth. Well—the closet part isn’t so far off, but in regards to wardrobe… as someone who loves shopping the way other people love SoulCycle, and also happens to do it for a living, I'm constantly buying things and adding to my medium-sized, ever-growing closet. From gowns to swimsuits, sandals to ankle boots, coats to cute socks and more, I shop more than anyone in their right mind probably should—and then some. 

So what gives? And why doesn't it look like I'm shopping? Well, as I've mentioned before, my everyday style is extremely simple and, frankly, very much based around comfort and function. Yes, I love to buy party pieces and statement items, but are they what makes up the bulk of my day-to-day outfits? Definitely not. On any given day, you'll more likely than not find me in jeans, a lot of black, and predominately basics (of which I own many but still have my favorites)—making me something of an expert when it comes to the essentials. Which do I wear the most, and what versions are the best? Just keep scrolling to see, read about each, and shop.

1. Oversize Blazer 2. Mid-Size Black Purse 3. Black Ankle Boots

I've found myself using this blazer so often, whether it's dressed up or casually, and even as a dress. It's a relatively new look for me, but one that I'm fully embracing. The reason The Row bag is among my most-used purses is that it's the perfect size to use day or night. I can fit so much in it, but it doesn't look oversize or bulky. Lastly, I live in black ankle boots—mostly Western styles, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I have a handful of favorites. 

4. Black Overcoat 5. White Tee

This roomy black overcoat is perfect for wearing alone or layering, so I find myself reaching for it almost every day. As for the white tee, I don't need to tell you how essential it is to any wardrobe, but I will shop out my latest favorites below.

6. Cropped Sweatshirt 7. Comfortable Sneakers

As a member of the 5'2" and under club, I favor anything cropped, but especially hard-to-tuck sweaters and sweatshirts. As for the sneakers, I purchased these years ago and have bought quite a few other styles since, but I realized I keep going back to these because they're the most comfortable and the color goes with literally anything. 

8. Hooded Jacket 9. Non-Distressed Black Jeans

I won't admit to you how many jackets and coats I own, but I will say that even though this one is leopard, I wear it the most—predominately because of the hood. Odds are that if it's cold enough in NYC for a puffer or faux-fur situation, there will likely also be rain, wind, snow, or all three in one day, so it's very useful to have. These jeans, in particular, are also a favorite of mine, but in general also the most useful because they go with anything and make my outfits feel more polished than blue jeans would. 

10. Black Sunglasses 11. Thin Turtleneck 12. Sleek Work Tote

I'm always in sunglasses, and since I bought this pair I haven't stopped wearing them because they're so simple but also feel sleeker than others. Thin turtlenecks have been crucial in NYC for both fall and winter because I can wear them alone or layered. Plus, I feel like they make me look a little more professional. Lastly, my work tote has proven so useful over the last few months, because I can fit my laptop in it along with my other essentials, so I no longer need to carry multiple bags. 

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