This Dress Is So Flattering That 3 Guests Wore It to the Royal Wedding

While watching the royal wedding coverage this morning, I spotted three guests in the crowd wearing the same dress. The Festival dress from The Vampire's Wife has become a celebrity favorite thanks to its universally flattering shape. The round neck, nipped-in waist, midi-length skirt, and elbow-length sleeves adorned with frilly cuffs are more versatile than you might think. At the royal wedding, there were three iterations of the Festival, which looked totally different, confirming this is a dress that will work within any wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see The Vampire's Wife dress that was a hit at the royal wedding.


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Style Notes: A guest wears the dress in a pink-and–pale blue colorway.


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Style Notes: Sara Buys wears a blue velvet version with silver metallic cuffs and trim.


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Style Notes: Charlotte Riley wears a bespoke floral The Vampire's Wife dress with the signature ruffles at the hem and cuffs.

The likes of Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, and Keira Knightley all keep wearing this party dress also, showing it can look totally different every time. The silhouette always remains the same, however, it can look unique, as it is available in dozens of prints, colorways, and fabrics. The brown corduroy version looks like a totally different dress to the red ruffled velvet version. Keep scrolling to see how Alexa, Sienna, and Keira are wearing their Festival dresses and to shop our edit of the best below.


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Style Notes: Keira Knightley wore the dress in black velvet with black strappy stilettos.


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Style Notes: Sienna Miller shows this dress isn't just for winter, as she wore it in a pale pink color with a lemon lace-ruffled trim on the hem and sleeves.


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Style Notes: Alexa Chung wore this dress style in a green shimmery fabric.


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She has been wearing it in red too.

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