9 Pretty Valentine's Day Manicure Ideas That Aren't Cheesy

Valentine's Day is usually equated with various cheesy traditions: red roses, chocolate candy, champagne, extravagant dinner plans, and manicured nails with mini heart designs all over them. If heart nails are your thing, that's perfectly alright, but if I'm being honest they're not mine. The sheer thought of having little hearts drawn all over my fingers makes me feel like I'm trying to be someone else.

So this year, I went on a mission to find a way to participate in Valentine's Day festivities while still feeling like myself. That means a cool, polished outfit for whatever my V-Day plans will entail, and an equally elevated manicure to go with it. I'm talking solid hues of deep burgundy, nude pinks, and dark purples that are appropriate for the occasion without feeling like they're trying too hard. Here are nine pretty Valentine's Day nail color ideas to try this year.

If pink nails are more your thing.

The perfect in-between of red and pink. 

I'm not even a pink person, but I'm into this muted hue.

In case you can't decide which color, wear them all.

Nude is perfect for the girl who can't decide.

If you like pinker nudes, this one's for you.

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