What to Buy the Girl You Just Started Dating for Valentine's Day

What do you buy the girl who owns your heart? Something SO special, she’d never buy it for herself. Thinking of that ‘something special’ is the hard part, which is why we’ve done it for you. Chocolates and lingerie are always cheesy (but girls still love them), so we’ve found the elevated version, which won’t be met with an eye-roll, along with other amazing gifts you never would’ve thought of.

If you want to really knock her socks off this Valentine’s Day, keep scrolling to shop our ultimate gift edit.

You know what's even better than receiving jewellery? Personalised jewellery. Show her how thoughtful you are by engraving her initials onto a signet ring. Every time she looks down at her perfectly polished pinkie, she'll think of you.

Roses for Valentine's Day? Been done. But roses on a new-season Zimmermann skirt? *Love heart eyes emoji*

Fragrance stimulates memories, so if you want to really be memorable, this girly scent will do the trick. (Don't tell anyone, but I have a friend who uses this as a room spray, and it's the most delicious-smelling house I've ever walked into. Highly recommended.)

Met her two weeks ago, and don't want to appear too keen? Girls love beautiful packaging. These chocolates are tasty, stylish and will send the right message.

Send a hint that you want to go see the world with her. Now this is romance.

As fine as they come. This tiny beaded bracelet will sit on her wrist forever.

Gooseberry Intimates Nude Effortless G-String ($40)

Proof that lingerie doesn't need to be overtly sexy. Show her that you have style and taste and opt for little details like sheer panelling and something she'll feel comfortable in day-to-day.

Want to say "I love you" but you're too scared? Send a subliminal message with the warming scents of tuberose mixed with amber and sandalwood. 

There's literally NO better way to prove that she's your #1 lady. 

Lip balm might not seem like much, but if your girl is addicted to Instagram and beauty, she'll know just how special Glossier is.

What do you plan on gifting this Valentine's Day? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Opening image: Style Du Monde

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