To Me, From Me: 45 Gifts I'd Buy Myself for Valentine's Day

It’s less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re still dropping hints to your significant other, trying to find a more tolerable word for your “Galentine’s” celebration with friends, or—my favorite—only planning on buying a gift for your day one, aka yourself, the time to add to cart and proceed to checkout is imminent. Luckily, this is where I come in and things start getting easy.

Your girl here took the liberty of scouring the internet for the absolute best Valentine’s Day gifts 2022 has to offer. And from affordable trinkets to hefty investments, I’ve got something for every type of recipient and budget. Whether you’re in the market non-cheesy jewelry, the season’s cutest It bag, or a wildcard that's sure to put a smile on anyone's face, I’ve got you covered. Simply keep scrolling to see and shop all 45 of my finds!

Beleive me when I tell you these Uggs are It shoes right now.

This little lip mask is the definition of affordable luxury.

This sculpture looks so much more expensive than its $35 price tag.

These are a lifesaver for travel and packing.

Whether you use it at home or on the go, this just seems lovely to own.

No one could not be excited to receive this.

An elevated wristwatch is never a bad idea. I'm loving this classic design.

For someone whose vanity (or desk) could use some love.

The perfect gift is both cute and practical.

There's nothing that gives me joy quite like a photo album.

Journelle's bras are always the most beautiful.

If you're going to gift with a candle, this is the brand to get it from.

If you know a fashion person who doesn't have this on their coffee table yet, it's time you get it for them.

I like to think I'm a comfort queen, which means I probably need the matching cami and shorts, too. 

Beautify your space instantly.

I'm not typically a red person, but these are in a league of their own.

Let's be real—I want anything and everything from this homeware collection.

Spring is coming, and this ring is the perfect precursor.

This neutral pillow would complement any room. 

I don't even wear perfume, yet I'm still intrigued by this famous scent.

When it comes to socks, the butterier, the better.

I don't actually own champagne flutes, so these would be a major upgrade.

In case you were wondering, Berry is my shade of choice.

Your old pajama sets could never.

TBH, I'll take anything with the word blanket in it.

I have another version of this Paravel case, and it's perfect for packing your makeup.