The Color Combination Winning Over Every Editor Right Now

Among all the soft lavender shades and sunny yellows that have taken over our Instagram feeds and shopping carts this season, there's one color combination we're head over heels for right now. And newsflash: It's not a pastel tone. The combination of pink and red started to percolate on the street style scene a few seasons back, and now we're seeing the power combo start to gain ground.

Bold and energetic, pink-and-red outfits are the under-the-radar trend that's commanding the attention of the Who What Wear editors. We'd go so far as to say that it's one of the only trends of spring 2018 we care about. Don't be daunted by the power duo—simply take a look at these approachable ways to incorporate the combo into your own wardrobe this spring and shop the pieces you need to achieve the editor-approved look.

How to wear pink and red



The master of wearing color herself is teaching us a thing or two about the combination of pink and red. Namely, that a silky pink dress can be the perfect companion to red boots.

Pink and red outfits



Don't think too much about it—just pick a piece that combines the two already. We're loving sweaters with a cool pattern as an easy way to test out the combo.

Try power dressing—wearing an allover red look. Grab a pink handbag to create a cool contrast against the red.

How to wear pink and red together



Start small. There's no need to dive into the color combo head first. Accessories like a pink beret and red heels are easy ways to mix in the It colors right now.

Available in Italian sizes 35 to 41.

Pink and red outfits



Use a light shade of baby pink as a neutral against deep red tones.

Grab a red bag to pop a color punch against a pink outfit.

Color-blocking makes a stylish statement. Try opting for bold, colorful solids like a red sweater and pink trousers.

When mixing contrasting prints together, opt for one with a larger graphic and one with a smaller design.

Take your color-blocking outfit up one more notch by wearing it with a coordinating handbag that combines both red and pink.

Now you're ready to test out the power duo in your own wardrobe.

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