Dear Cupid, I've Already Fallen in Love With These 16 Items for Valentine's Day


Free People

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: My love for Valentine's Day runs deep. I would list all of the things I love about this holiday, but I'll spare you the long-winded, mushy-gushy answer and sum it all up to a good rom-com, all things heart-shaped, and of course, festive clothes. My Valentine's Day plans include all of the above, but I'm gearing up for the holiday with an extra emphasis on festive clothes. Free People has launched its Love Shop, which features everything from intimates to tulle skirts to printed loungewear. The pieces are truly made to fit any occasion, with no shortage of your classic red hues, heart prints, and floral accents. It's safe to say that Cupid struck me with his arrow, and now I'm in love with all of these pieces. (Sorry, I had to.) Ready to fall under this love spell? Just keep scrolling.

Dresses and Skirts

Tops and Bodysuits

Loungewear and Sets

Self-Care Essentials