10 Truly Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts

Most people have an opinion about Valentine's Day, and you'll generally find that they fall into one of two camps—either they love it, or hate it.

We're of the mindset that if there's an opportunity to show and tell someone you love them, why wouldn't you take it? Granted, you can express your love on any day of the year, but February 14 also serves as a nice reminder to do something special.

Valentine's Day is an excuse to spend time with your besties (here's what to buy them) or go on a date with your S.O. (here's what not to wear), and if the day also happens to come with a gift—we won't say no.

Still can't decide what to buy your someone special? We asked Australia's best "love doctor", Osher Günsberg, host of The Bachelor Australia, for his best Valentine's tip. 

Keep scrolling to read what he had to say, then shop something special for your love to show them that you planned ahead.

If your girl has been feeling tired, a silk dressing gown will prove you pay attention and want her to get some rest.

Scented oils are the perfect way to help someone find their signature scent—they smell divine when layered with other fragrances.

An oversized pair of earrings she can wear every day (and think of you whenever she spots her reflection!). 

The best part about this bag? You can customise it to say whatever you want (with letters or emojis), so you can truly make it her own.

How do you make Valentine's Day even cuter? With personalised underwear!

Because if ever there was a day to read about love... 

If you're based in Sydney, this plant delivery service is one step up from flowers.

Crystals promote natural energies and healing. Find the one that suits your SO best.

Every wardrobe needs a hardworking romper. This one can be paired with a midi skirt and blazer.

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