8 Fashion Bloggers Share the Best Valentine's Day Gift They've Ever Received

Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a controversial holiday—some people think it’s pointless and made up, but we think it’s a nice excuse to give your special someone some extra attention and take a moment to celebrate each other. Life gets so busy that it’s nice to have a dedicated day to be spoilt and to spoil.

In celebration of the impending day of love, we asked some of our favourite fashion bloggers the best V-Day gift they’ve ever received, and the best thing we discovered? You don’t have to always spend a lot of $$$ to make it a day to remember.

Keep scrolling for some adorable Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Talisa Sutton


Ana Suntay-Tanedo for Badlands

“This was about six or seven years ago... There was a Prada bangle I had been lusting over which my now husband managed to find, even though I thought it had sold out. Sadly it was a little big for me and a few weeks later I lost it, and I was so upset! A few days afterwards, my man presented me with a replacement bangle constructed from a cardboard cylinder (from an old masking tape roll) covered in Prada campaign imagery and tastefully edge-painted. I'm pretty sure I still have it in storage somewhere!”

Talisa Sutton is the founder of Badlands.

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Vydia Rishie


Street Smith

“I'd have to say my favourite gift would definitely be my rose gold Cartier Love bracelet. Spoilt!” 

Vydia Rishie is the founder of Vydia Rishie Blog.


Jess Dempsey


Karen Woo for What Would Karl Do 

“These days, being in my husband’s presence on Valentine’s Day is as rare an occasion as the thought of him giving me a present that day. However, after we had our first son, he surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a little black box, Chanel of course, and inside was a beautiful double ‘C’ brooch, one I have famously worn on my blog on many occasions. I think he nailed the “What Would Karl Do” motto of mine. He's a keeper!”

Jess Dempsey is the founder of What Would Karl Do

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Ally Hayward



“About five years ago, my boyfriend (now husband) was away on work and felt bad he wouldn’t be able to spend Valentine’s Day with me. Prior to him leaving he bought me a care package to use while he was away. It consisted of: Tea, Milo, chocolates, nail polish and a ring I had my eye on. It was so sweet and thoughtful!”

Ally Hayward is the founder of Substance.

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Hermione Underwood


Maria Tzili for Hermione Olivia

“The best Valentine’s gift I have ever received was a surprise trip to New York City!”

Hermione Underwood is the founder of Hermione Olivia and contributor for Who What Wear Australia.


Josie Barber


Katie Fergus for By Barber

“My partner and I are actually quite fortunate that Valentine’s Day, our anniversary and Luke's birthday all fall within two weeks of each other. So we always like to celebrate and enjoy a long weekend away together. My favourite memory is a trip we did to Red Hill at the Mornington Peninsula—it’s my favourite part of Victoria.” 

Josie Barber is the founder of By Barber.

Kaitlyn Ham


Hannah Roche for Modern Legacy

“The best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received was… a surprise delivery of long-stem roses. Every year I say I don’t need them so it’s always a surprise each time. You’d think I’d cotton on after eight years, but no.” 

Kaitlyn Ham is the founder of Modern Legacy.

Kendall Sargeant


Kendall Sargeant

“Last year, my boyfriend and I grabbed sushi from my favourite spot, Sugarfish in L.A. and set up a picnic overlooking Malibu from a secret look out. So I guess sushi with a view has been my most special gift, ever.”

Kendall Sargeant is the founder of Signature and the PR director for Australian Fashion Labels in USA.

What's the most surprising Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received? Share in the comments below to inspire others!

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