Urban Outfitters Has the Coolest Stocking Stuffers—I Love These 30

Stocking stuffers are often forgotten until the last minute after we check the much bigger buys on our shopping list. We’ve all been there, in a last-minute shuffle reaching for useless items that spark little to no joy. Well, I’m here to change that this year by deep diving into Urban Outfitters unique, fun stocking stuffer offerings.

In reality, those smaller gift purchases can be some of the funnest. Ahead, check out fashion editor–approved curation of small budget–friendly holiday gifts that pack a punch. Whether it’s a cool 35mm reusable camera, colorful statement barrettes, or the perfect beanie, Urban Outfitters is a solid one-stop shop for all your stocking stuffer needs.



The record collector in your life will appreciate this. 

When in doubt squeeze it out. 

Your gamer boyfriend will be shocked that you thought of this. 

To combat the brisk, dry winter weather. 

For your little sister who always loses her credit card.

Trendy barrettes will deliver killer hair styles all year long. 

These aren't just any hoops. They're wavy hoops. 

For the person in your life who keeps losing their keys. 

A cute reminder that your battery is low.