I Have a Small Budget But Expensive Taste—45 Stylish Gift Ideas for Under $100


(Image credit: @bubblyaquarius)

When it comes to my shopping, I'll admit my personal preferences don't quite reflect my bank balance. I steer toward the nicer things in life—cashmere, luxury candles, 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, etc.—that tend to carry a hefty price tag. Luckily, however, that doesn't make shopping any less fun. In fact, at this time of the year when I'm shopping for gifts, there's a satisfying (and smug) thrill of finding a beautiful, chic, high-quality gift that feels special but doesn't cost a fortune.

So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite gift ideas for all the loved ones in your life that look luxe but cost less than $100. Whether it's the luxe packaging of a tube of lipstick, the uniqueness of a decanter, or the coziness of a plush robe, I guarantee one of these options below will be sure to impress the loved ones in your life.